Aunt Annie's

It shouldn't come as any surprise that I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Along side running, cooking and baking are very therapeutic. There is something about chopping and stirring and measuring that really puts me at ease. If I've had a bad day (or in some cases) week, I'll grab a recipe and head to the kitchen.

It also shouldn't come as any surprise that lately my kitchen creations have kind of dwindled. This is mostly thanks to one almost-2-year-old who seems to think macaroni and cheese and hot dogs is a gourmet meal.

Added to my toddler's picky palate let's sprinkle in buying a house, planning and executing a full kitchen remodel, and packing and moving, and that all equals an absence from our kitchen.

To keep our bellies full and our taste buds happy I snagged an Annie's Homegrown meal from the freezer isle in the grocery store. When I saw the Family Size Frozen Shells and White Cheddar with Chicken I knew it would please even our resident picky-pants.
If you're like me, sometimes the thought of these pre-packaged meals can cause a bit of anxiety. Exactly what is in the meal? With Annie's I was happy to see the noodles were organic, there was minimal processing, and I was able to pronounce every single ingredient on the box (and better yet, know what each ingredient actually was).
The prep work was a piece of cake. Preheat the oven, pop in the dish for 30 minutes, stir a bit, pop back in the oven for an additional 25 minutes, and wah-lah, dinner was ready.
I knew the real test would be when I served dinner to Marcus…
Cheesy? Check. Creamy? Check. Noodles? Check. The kid scarfed down the meal, and even had seconds - totally unheard of for him!
The only thing I wish is the there would have been more food left over after dinner. We're all about left overs in this house, and there was virtually none when the three of us finished.

However, when I'm in a pinch for dinner Annie's Homegrown Meals are perfect for our family.

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Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. 


  1. I may have to try this! I have said since Alyx was born that I just know she will be the complete opposite of Emma. Emma will eat anything that is put in front of her, but I just have this feeling that Alyx is going to be my picky one!! haha

  2. I love having meals around that are easy go to for those nights you just need a break! Sounds yummy! Callie is a pretty good eater but I always know she will scarf down anything with noodles! :)

  3. I've seen the Annie's products here and there in the grocery isle. I may pick up one or two for when we are in a pinch. I haven't bought a single thing this year that is in a box (go me) (wait, okay...pasta) and so I typically just ignore them.

  4. I'm going to pick up my Annie's meal this weekend and I'm pretty excited. I can already see how it's going down... I'll make it for dinner then eat the rest of the leftovers after I've had too much wine/beer later because let's be honest, pasta + cheese = the best post alcohol meal ever.

  5. I didn't know they had freezer meals. Great in a pinch I'm sure!