Homes, Haircuts, and SoCal Sunsets

With the roller coaster of emotions experienced this week one would think I'm pregnant. Pump your brakes. I'm not. But, seriously, one minute things are rainbows and roses, the next I'm freaking out wondering where we're going to be living in 60 days.

Is it too early for red wine? I kid. Sort of…

The weekend could not have come any sooner.

Time for Friday's five.

1. It's Friday. That alone deserves the top spot this week.

2. Last night there was an unbelievable sunset. I didn't get a picture, sadly. BUT, I was browsing through my photos and came across this one. Not sure how I haven't shared this, it's too gorgeous to keep hidden in my photo files.
3. Little man finally received another in-home hair cut. It's not the best, but it's better than the little shag-monkey he was beginning to look like.
4. Yesterday we looked at a few houses that were for sale. While we didn't find anything we loved at least we know what we don't like. And, the quest for a place to live marches on. Thankfully, Scott has recognized I'm conducting the Hot Mess Express when it comes to this whole housing situation. He's literally done all of the leg work in finding our next home. I'm forever grateful for all his work, and the fact that he puts up with understands my crazy.
5. To all the moms out there, watch this (here, I'll go ahead and pass you a tissue now). It's only 1:30, but it's worth every second. I pinky promise.
If you can't view the video click on >this link<.
(Barb, thank you, again for sharing this video and supplying yet another smile to my week!)

Happy Weekend!


  1. Seriously? I didn't even make it 30 seconds in before the water-works started...so stinkin' sweet and touching. I hope you guys find a place soon, at least you're moving forward in the process, right?

  2. It may be too early for wine, but it's never too early for Mimosas!

  3. Thank god I work from home. I literally hurt watching that. Like, my insides hurt and the ugly cry? Oh it's bad.

  4. Happy Friday! I sure hope you find a house soon. The sunset picture is beautiful and Marcus looks so cute with his new haircut! That video was so sweet, thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  5. Praying the house situation gets resolved soon! Hoping you find something you love and quickly! Such a stressful mess! Love Marcus' new haircut! Big boy!

  6. 1. It's never too early for wine...is it? Just switch to mimosas.
    2. Clay's hair is starting to look like a mix between Tom Brady and Terry Bradshaw. Eeeek.
    3. You'll find something soon! I just know it :)

  7. Thanks for sharing that video. It did make me tear up a bit.

  8. Ok seriously, I have to tell you, this entry was cracking me up. I hate that you had a bad week, but really "conducting the hot mess express", so funny. I hope you were able to relax some this weekend! Drink that wine, girl!

  9. I refuse to watch the video.... I am on the verge of a breakdown, and don't need anything to help it along.... Please move to the 636 area code... pretty please?