22 Months Old!

Dear Marcus,
I swear just last week I was posting your 21 month update. This month may go down in the books as one of the fastest to pass us by. Then again, every month with you in our lives seems to just slip by us.

It is staggering what a little boy you've become. Your baby days are very much behind you, and you are running towards little-boyhood at full throttle.
Unofficial stats
Height: 34.5 inches (90th percentile)
Weight: 33 pounds (95th percentile)
Teeth: 17
Clothes: Transitioning to only 3T
Shoes: Size 7
Diapers: size 5
New words are coming out of your mouth every day. And, each time a new word is formed your dad and I are always so excited. We're always saying, "Did you hear that? He just said 'xxxx'!" Some of your new favorites include, "awesome,""hot dog,""more," "mouse," "oh man," "oh snap," "oopsie," "outside," and "snack". If I had to guess, your word count is easily at 30+ words. However, there are certain words we'll ask (read: beg) you to say, and you simply shake your head and reply, "No." You'll say what you want when you want, I suppose.

It comes as no surprise you would spend every waking moment outside. You love taking your tricycle out, however you're still learning how to maneuver the thing. If something has wheels, you love it. There are approximately 200 toy cars, trucks, and tractors spilling out from every corner in our house. You also have a sincere fondness for football. We are always outside throwing the football. On the rare occasion you actually want to sit still we will bust out the mess-free crayola kit and color. That activity usually lasts us all of five minutes. You've also really opened up in our Gymboree classes. You've begun participating in the organized activities, and even bust out a dance move or two during some of the songs.
There is only one show that you give two rips about, and that's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. If it's not on then you could care less about TV, and that's just fine with me.

There is clearly separation anxiety when either your dad or I leave you. When I need to go somewhere without you I have to sneak away. Even then, when you notice I'm gone you pitch a short-lived fit.

Per the norm, you're still stuck on mac n cheese. You're enjoying eating hot dogs in hot dog buns. And dipping. Oh buddy, you love to dip food into ketchup. Fruits and veggies are rarely denied, but we're still working on getting you to each turkey and chicken.
I've found you eat best if I just let you graze throughout most of the day. The neighbors joke your nickname is "snacks," as I think you'd snack all day long if I let you.
Water and milk are the only fluids you consume. We've yet to introduce juices.

With all the illnesses we've dealt with this month your sleep has been less than stellar. You've spent more nights in the rocking chair with your dad or me, rather than in your crib. I'm guessing this is mostly because it was/is easier to breathe while more upright. I'm also guessing you quickly formed a bad habit of simply wanting to be held. Even your naps were primarily spent with one of us rocking you.
When you're healthy, a typical night is going to bed around 7:45 and waking right around 6:00 (however this morning you thought 4:30 was a perfectly acceptable wake-up time).
Naps happen around 1:30/2:00, and you generally sleep for 1.5-2 hours.
Little man, your smile brightens even my cloudiest days. There is nothing more in the world that I love than how you fill my heart. Each morning when I wake, and each night before I close my eyes, I thank God that you have completed me in more ways than I ever dreamed possible. 

You're pretty awesome, Little Man. 

I love you to the moon and back. Twice.



  1. He is so cute! Happy 22 months Marcus! It's funny, Henry is doing a lot of things that Marcus is doing now although he's older, especially on the talking front!

  2. Still can't believe how gynorm he is! Happy 22 months to ketchup lover. :)

  3. I can understand why "mouse" and "hot dog" are part of his new vocabulary since he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! My nephew and Marcus would be BFF's binge watching MMCH, doing the hot dog dance and eating mac and cheese.

  4. Happy 22 months!! He keeps getting cuter and cuter, which I would have thought impossible :-)

  5. I really wish I had blogged back when my kids were this age so I could have all of this information from when they were this age. So precious!

  6. I can't believe he is almost 2!

  7. Mac n cheese is the best, Marcus is a smart little dude. lol

  8. Have you started planning his 2nd birthday party yet?? :)

  9. Ketchup and any dips are a big hit here too! I love that sweater on him! He looks so grown up! 4:30am?! awful lady get some sleep tonight! 2 months until he's 2!

  10. omgosh!!! 3T!!!!! i am so glad i read this. i have been absent from blogging while were on vacation but earlier thought "damn. i miss desiree!" so here i am at your blog :) and thank goodness i stopped by!
    no juice yet?! that is amazing! and intense. applaud you!
    love his fair isle sweater. so cute!!!!! before i know it, I'm going to be reading his birthday update! AH. time!

  11. Awwww... what an adorable little man! Pretty soon, you'll be planning his 2nd birthday. Any ideas yet?

  12. Aww what a stud muffin. Olivia and Marcus seem to be growing at the same rate. I feel like we skipped right over 2T clothes and I went straight to 3T thinking we could get another year out of them but I dont know if that will be the case anymore because they grow so fast!

  13. Oh snap! I love it! And I'm glad to hear Arden's not the only one stuck on mac n cheese...I can't really blame them though, it's good stuff ;)

    Happy 22 months, sweet Marcus!