The Perfect Pumpkin

Our weekend was a busy one. But, not too busy that we didn't make time to head to the pumpkin patch. We apparently weren't the only family with the pumpkin patch on our agenda, as the place was packed. That's not to say we weren't able to spot and pluck the perfect pumpkins.
This year's trip was a little more eventful for Marcus. He was able to get right into the patch and get dirty find his own pumpkin.
If it wasn't too heavy, Marcus was pushing over every possible pumpkin. He found it hilarious to watch the pumpkins roll. We could have spent all day simply rolling pumpkins around.
There may have been a few incidents of taste testing.
We couldn't go to the pumpkin patch without attempting to recreate a few photos...
The pile o' pumpkins:
Apparently this year's trip into the pile wasn't as much fun.
The family photo:
We were able to coax a smile out of Marcus this year.
We also took part in a few activities the farm had to offer. Scott suggested we skip the wagon ride, but that was pure nonsense. If there was one thing we couldn't miss it was the wagon ride!
Per the norm, Marcus maintained his "serious" face the duration of the ride.
Though the little man had a long day leading up to the pumpkin patch trip, he was a trooper.

I'm already looking forward to next year's trip, which will be on weekday when it's a lot less busy!


  1. WOW...how Marcus has grown just in one year!! I love the pumpkin pictures and it looks like you all had a wonderful time. :)

    Laura @ Mice In The Kitchen

  2. Love it! He's just adorable with that blond hair. I'm pretty sure we'll never be able to go in short sleeves so I'll always be jealous of that!

  3. That is one HUGE pumpkin patch!! Love the recreated photos :-)

  4. So glad that you didn't have that creepy thing in the background for your family picture! Looks like a great family fun day!

  5. Beautiful pumpkin patch and pictures. I'm happy you finally made it even though you didn't have Fall weather!!

  6. I love a good pumpkin patch!!! Also, I love seeing the pictures from last year and this year side by side...such a cute little family!!! :)

  7. wow, what a difference a year makes! Boy has he grown!

    I love how patient you are, letting M play and play and do the same thing over and over again to his little hearts content! I'm always like "Ok, moving on." I am going to try to take a page from your book and be more relaxed and laid back. :)

  8. what an amazing pumpkin patch! seriously it's huge! you got some super cute photos too - love you got a smile for the family photo! that serious face on the wagon ride is one that very familiar here - smiles are very new for photos!

  9. aww, you guys went! looks like a great time. Marcus def. looked like he was having a blast.

    did you know you wore yellow in both years? yellow is your color :)

    love all the pictures! Marcus is too adorable!

  10. I love the picture of him trying to eat the pumpkin! The only thing Clay wanted to do was use the pumpkins as seats. I can't wait til next year when he's a little older!

  11. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Jackson did some taste testing as well. Ha! The kid wants to put everything in his mouth. I guess it's the 2 year molars he's still trying to get.

  12. Great photos (you look amazing, by the way). Looks like a fun time! We STILL haven't made it to the pumpkin patch, despite me trying to get us there every single weekend for the last month. UGH! Maybe next year...

  13. that's a lot of pumpkins! I love how they're all in such pretty rows. :)

  14. He looks like such a big kid now compared to last year's pictures. It is amazing how much of a difference one year can make.

  15. you can never skip a wagon ride!
    i am glad you had such a good time!
    the pics from year to year - i could cry at how fast babies grow!!