A Fall Swap

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. From the coveted pumpkin spice lattes, to the cozy scarfs and mittens, to the crisp bite in the air, to the leaves changing color... It's like Mother Nature has saved her very best gift and is finally handing it over to you. 

Speaking of fall and gifts, AliciaBritney, and Jodi put together this sweet little exchange that combined two great things - fall fun and meeting new bloggers.

I was paired up with Jenn from I Wanna Feel That Fire.
It was great getting to know Jenn throughout the month by email, blogs, and Instagram.

When I opened Jenn's package I had an instant perma-smile plastered to my face.
Jenn picked out some of my favorites, and introduced me to some new can't-live-without items!
Butterfly greeting cards: Who is obsessed with butterflies? This girl. Who loves sending little notes to friends and family via snail mail? This girl!
Magnetic note pad: My life revolves around making lists, crossing list items off, and re-doing lists. The magnetic note pad is perfect for the constant list making.
Carmel apple candy: Say what?! I'll be sneaking this snack well after the little man is asleep. Momma isn't sharing.
Lip Smackers: IN GIRL SCOUTS FLAVOR! I've died and gone to Heaven.
Lip balm: I'm always looking for my chapstick. Always! I'm putting each one in a diaper bag/purse. I'll always have chapstick on hand.
Nail polish: This color is perfect for the fall (and winter) seasons! Time to get a pedicure scheduled.

Jenn, thank you so much for putting such thought into the Fall Swap!


  1. What a great package... I want that Caramel Apple candy. Yum.. Thanks for joining in the swap fun!

  2. That sounds awesome! Love that nail color. After a 6 month hiatus, I'm finally getting back to painting my nails again. :)

  3. wahooo. What a great package!
    Thank you so much for participating in our swap! So glad you enjoyed it

  4. Oo, the candy sounds super yummy!

  5. sweet mother... I need that girl scout chapstick in my life. I wonder if they have it in samoa flavor?

  6. Girl scout flavored lip smacker?! OMG where do I find it?! What a great package and fun idea - I'd love to join in if you guys do that again! :)

  7. How funny! I picked the magnetic pad because I love to make lists too! And the butterfly notecards because I love to write notes and send them to friends and family too!

  8. so fun!
    i had no idea you loved butterflies!

  9. Oooohhhh... that caramel apple snack looks heavenly good. And now that you've mentioned Girl Scouts, I'm really craving Samoas!

  10. I love reading about these swaps! I don't know why I never do them!

    I truly believe that Fall is mother nature's gift to us. The most perfect time!