3 Years

1,095 and 3/4 days (but who's counting?).
2 moves (one across country).
2 pets (with the loss of one and addition of another).
1 beautiful baby boy.
1 million + "I love you's."
Countless memories made, with a lifetime more to go.
Happy 3rd Anniversary, Scott.
You are my whole world.

I had to add this one.
The photographer said, "Do a supermodel pose."
One of my girl friends asked, "How do you do that?"
Another girl friend chirped, "Just look hungry!"
I will never forget that dialogue - Haaaa!


  1. GORGEOUS!! Happy anniversary!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love your wedding pics. They are so fun.

  3. Beautiful photos! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Awww, love this! Happy Anniversary!

    I'm jealous of your beautiful pictures! Ours are lame and I'm still bitter about it! :)

  5. HA" just look hungry!!" hilarious! beautiful pictures! Happy anniversary!!!

  6. Dang!! We ALMOST made that picture. I think we were JUST off to the right. :) Happy Anniversary love birds!! xoxo

  7. You were absolutely stunning on your wedding day. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Congratulations...and happy anniversary! :)

    Laura @ Mice in the kitchen

  9. those fountain photos! so beautiful!
    happy anniversary you two!

  10. Happy Anniversary!!! You guys look so happy then and in all the pictures that I have seen from now...here's to many more years to come!! ((HUGS))

  11. Awwww!! Happy anniversary! My wish is for you two to have many, many more happy years to come!

  12. happy anniversary! great pictures. you have awesome arms as seen in that last one!!

  13. Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you two got to celebrate today!!! :)

  14. Beautiful photos!!! The fountain photos are on The Plaza in KC aren't they? I've stopped by before to say I am from there, lived there all my life until 8 years ago when I moved to Omaha. So your posts always remind me of things at home. My son lives in LA so I enjoy your CA posts, too. Not to mention that cute, Marcus! Happy Anniversary and here's to a lifetime more!!!