Showered in Love

This weekend Scott and I were afforded the luxury of having Grandma Katie and Aunt Susan visit.
My heart is so full when Marcus is around our family. It's rare we are together, and when we are in the same place at the same time I love watching all the attention and affection that Marcus is showered in. 

Because of Grandma and Susan, Scott and I snuck away for a quick over-night getaway. 
It was clear Marcus was left in the best of hands.
A big thank you to Grandma and Susan for keeping the little man entertained, occupied, and happy while we enjoyed an adult, kid-free weekend.


  1. Yea for a kid free weekend.. Hope you had a great time!

  2. Aww! There's nothing like a grandma's love! My mom lives four hours away so of course she spoils Clay rotten when she sees him. To the point where I don't exist to him when she's around! I do love that special relationship though!

  3. Seriously, aren't grandparents the BEST?!

  4. Lucky girl! And lucky boy for having awesome gma's and aunties to play with!

  5. Amazing!! Woo hoo for Grandma!

  6. So sweet! I love the last picture of the two of them staring at each other. :)

    Glad you had a weekend to enjoy Scott child-free :)