Finding the Silver Lining

The last 10 days have been kind of tumultuous in the Macke household. Thanks to the government shut down, Scott has been forced to work, without pay. There is talk of "back pay," but we're not sure when that is supposed to happen.

We sold our Jeep which was nothing short of bittersweet. Now we're in the process of finding/buying a new car. Not necessarily fun stuff, at least not to me. Car dealerships and car salesmen? Yuck.

Monday is Columbus Day, which means a three-day weekend. However, it is now a furloughed day for Scott. At least we'll get to spend time together as a family while he's not getting paid. I guess that's better than him going to work and not getting paid. Silver lining... Right?? 

Being Friday is enough reason to celebrate. We need to celebrate SOMETHING around these parts right now. 

Let's do some High Five-ing for Friday.

Here goes nothin'.

1. I don't even care I've already posted this to Facebook and InstaGram. It is too good to keep off the blog.
Who knew "meow" could sound *this* cute?!
Since I'm sharing videos, this one also needs to be viewed. As if we didn't have proof my kid was 100% boy...
Both Marcus and I enjoy watching this 17 second clip over and over. We laugh and giggle each and every time. When he throws up his meaty little legs and makes that Braveheart-like-war-call... It's just too much.

2. Southern California has FINALLY been afforded some Fall-like temperatures. The sweat pants have officially been busted out, and it's nothing short of magnificent.
3. I ran 13.1 miles last weekend in 1:53:35. That's a half marathon. And, I did it in the fastest time I've ever recorded. The best part? It was a training run, not an actual race.
4. Coinciding with #3... Sunday I'm participating in the Long Beach International Half Marathon. I'm hoping to come in right around 1:50:00... 
And, I just discovered it is NOT an out and back course. For that I am beyond grateful!

5. This guy NAILS his wife's job as a stay-at-home-mom. If you work, if you stay at home, if you don't have kids at all, you need to read Matt Walsh's take on what his wife does. Click >HERE< to read. (This article has left quite the impression on me. I'll be doing my own take on the SHAM at some point next week. Stay tuned.)

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Can't WAIT for Monday. And wait... Derek is saying they will get paid? So now I'm confused! Who KNOWS what's going on!!! :)

  2. I totally understand about the Government Shutdown. I work for the government too and could be working for nothing if it doesn't end soon. I will hopefully get backpay, but its still no fun not having a paycheck for any length of time. Hopefully it ends soon! Like yesterday. Ha. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. I love that guys blog. he is so real and honest! I dont know how you SAHMs do it and I dont plan on finding out any time soon! ;) I am excited yet nervous for my 8 weeks of maternity leave in the spring. newborn...3 year old...all by myself?! oh dear lord, help me!
    (but...I told off a very rude, condicending SAHM on FB last night...I work bc I want to, not bc I love my kid any less then you do. it is just as much my choice as it is yours. neither of us is better then the other. you do your thing and I do mine.)

  4. First of all, Im so sorry for what your family is going through - we are still getting paid, but the fear is quite present that we wont be...and you are seriously so speedy :) Great run time and good luck on your race this weekend!!!

  5. Wow, amazing time for 13.1! Good luck this weekend. I'm sorry to hear your family is going through a tough time. It'll get better :)

  6. Awsome blog about sahm! And that video of Marcus saying meow is adorable. He imitates a cat great!

  7. FU Government. That shiz is just dumb!!!!

    Happy Weekend Girlie!! I don't have many plans. I think I might just sit on my couch all day tomorrow (sans bra) and watch some playoff baseball. I don't know if you know this, but the Cardinals are in the playoffs. I think I could have gotten tickets, but that would require me to stay up late, and you know I am too old for that. Not sure what I will eat. It has been cold, so maybe some chilli?

  8. Hang in there sweetheart!! They have already informed us that we will be furloughed starting Oct 21st. with out pay. However we can use earned vacation time to get paid during the furlough period. This sucks because I just started my new job and only have a week of vacation until June 2014..wth!! My mom says take the vacation time just to ensure I get a paycheck of some kind. IDK but I am fed up with all the crap going on in DC. This is hitting way to close to home and it will effect households all across the US because of shear stupidity!!!
    This is Diondra by the way:)

  9. Are most half marathons out and back? My last one was, and the one I'm signing up for next week is too! That's weird.

  10. I love reading your blog! Best of luck this weekend in your half marathon :)

  11. Ugh...just praying that they get things sorted out in Washington VERY soon--and that your husband gets the backpay he deserves!

    Those videos though--adorable!!! I have never seen a cuter cat in my life! And isn't it hilarious how much they enjoy watching themselves on video? I've actually video taped Arden watching herself on video because it's so darn cute…ha!

    And thanks for sharing that article--it's awesome!

  12. ugh!!! I'm sorry. Just one more reason for me to hate the current government.

  13. i hate that the shutdown is affecting so many great families! and its just DUMB to make the economy worse off and things harder on families.
    loveeeee the videos of your beeb!

  14. First of all, I'm so sorry the shutdown is affecting you guys this way. It angers me beyond words.

    Second of all, 63 degrees? 63 degrees! Could you please send some of that my way? I'm desperate to see those temps right about now!

  15. I am sorry he is working without pay right now! That sucks. I wish the government would do their job.

    Great cat impression! I love it. And dang, you run fast! :) I was happy when I ran my fastest 5K at 9:54/mile. Good luck with the run tomorrow!

  16. good luck at your half marathon - tomorrow!!! you ran an awesome training run you'll do great!
    and I LOVE. the meow video! I played it for Callie and she meowed back! :)

  17. Hope the government gets back up and running so your hubby can be paid again!
    Our Fairy Tale