Running the LBC

Remember that unit in your English class where you discussed foreshadowing? Well, let's do some of that, shall we? Just for chits and giggles...

Here is a conversation I had back in July, with my friend Grant, who has been helping me train for my last two halves.
Hang on to that for a bit, ummkay?

Now fast forward some. It wasn't until just a few weeks ago that I really started to think I could cross the finish line at or near the 1:50 mark.

Then, Sunday morning as I lined up in the chute I found the 1:50 pacer. I figured, what the heck, why not give it a shot? I'd been busting my buns training, and it wasn't for nothing.

The first 7 miles went by fast. So fast I don't really remember ever passing the 5 and 6 mile markers. My pace was great, and I was feeling pretty much on top of the world. It didn't hurt that 80 percent of the course was along the harbor and ocean. The views were perfection.
Photo source
A fire boat was in the harbor and had all of its pumps running during the race. The spraying water provided a much appreciated mist as we ran by.
I can't take credit for the photo above, but that was the view I had right around mile 5. I wanted so badly to stop and snap a picture of the boat - I considered doing so for about five seconds - but I decided against it.
Somewhere in the first 7 miles a gentleman ran along side me, saying I had a good pace and he was going to stick with me. Somewhere in there my running partner suggested I run at least one full marathon in my life. I chewed on that little nugget as I ran on.

It wasn't until about mile 9 that I started to pay attention to what mile I was at, what my pace was, where we were on the course, and my running buddy started to pull out in front of me. That was also the point when the 1:50 pacer began to creep farther and farther ahead of me.

To say miles 11 and 12 were hellacious would be a total understatement. I began to feel sluggish and cold. My legs felt as if they weighed 100 pounds a piece, and they were beginning to cramp. At one point an evil little voice crept into my head and had me considering stopping to walk. I quickly had a Come To Jesus Meeting with myself and pushed on. There wasn't a snowball's chance in Hell I was going to walk. At that point in the race, and with my training, walking would have been almost as bad as quitting altogether.

Then I saw it, the finish line. What a magnificent sight she was.

I crossed the finish line, not at the 1:50 I was hoping, but at 1:51:16 - official race time - what a run, what a rush!
Like the last half I ran, due to the sheer number of people I had to swerve in, out, and around, I hit 13.1 miles before the actual finish line. All that extra dodging added about .2 extra miles to my run. But, hey, I PR'd on pretty much EVERYTHING! Can't be mad at that.
The finishers medals are huge and weigh about 15 pounds. An exaggeration? Only slightly. They are freaking heavy.
The second I crossed the finish line I stopped running and I relaxed. And, so did my bladder (remember the foreshadowing?!? I called it way back in July!)! Hand to Jesus, I peed myself right then and there at the finish line as I was getting my medal. Apparently this bladder issue isn't uncommon for women who run long distances. Why did no one tell me this?!!

I couldn't decide if I was mortified from the pee that refused to stop running, or elated that my time was so much better than any race I'd even run. It was also right then that I decided I'll never run a full marathon. Can you *imagine* the issues I'd have after that?
Take a look at those pants. Can't even tell, can ya?!
After the initial excitement and terror wore off I found my cheering committee.
We took a few obligatory post-race pictures of Marcus and Mommy.
I smelled so ripe by this point. Poor kid. It was no wonder he didn't want to smile for the camera.
Then we packed up shop and headed home.

Before Scott let me in the car he made me put down my race blanket so I wouldn't sit directly on our seats. I guess that was warranted.
In short, what did I learn from this race?
Mind over matter.
Believe in yourself and push on.
And always wear black running pants. Always.

Any runners out there interested in running this next year? It's an awesome, fast course, and a Boston qualifier. I'd LOVE to have a running buddy. 


  1. hahahahahaha....that is so hilarious!!!!

  2. this was my life in cross country in HS - every race....every time. We all packed extra undies and shorts for the way home - every race. You are not the only one! Congrats on your PR! You rock girl!

  3. You make me giggle Des!! You make me want to start doing races:)

  4. Love this post! And yes, peeing your pants is very common :) I've had a number of runners that peed their pants after only 3 miles (and they've never had kids!). Great job on the half marathon!

  5. CONGRATS Des! Such an awesome time. :)

  6. I've always wanted to run a half so glad I read this first !! I love your honesty! Great job on the time!

  7. AHHHH!!! That's hysterical. Your run time is AWESOME! I feel like a lot of the blogs I read their half marathon times are never below 2 hours (not that they don't also have good times) so you killed it! It would take me 2 hours to walk 3 miles probably. Ha! :)

  8. omg...hilarious! I'm glad I'm reading this during a break/ :)

  9. oh girl...where do I start? 1:51 finish time! you killed it!! nice work lady! Potty Pants...bless your heart! you earned those. And wore them well... might I add! lol!!

  10. AHHH!! Congrats! Great job!

    And what a funny story! I've only run 5K's, and I always have to pee so bad after...haha, oh man, so funny!

  11. OMG...I laughed through this post...loved every minute of it! The last 3 sentences is what I needed for my half this weekend!!! Thanks!!! :)

  12. OH my gosh I am cracking up over here! First of all you are awesome! I'm so impressed with your time! I need some training tips! Like, how the hell do you fit in time to actually train?! Ugh! I wonder what my times would look like if I could actually run more than once every other week. Haha!

    Until I had Hayden I never had problems having to go to the bathroom during long runs, but now I have to stop and pee at least once! So frustrating. My last half I had to pee at like mile 6 because there was no way I would have been able to think of anything else the rest of the race!

    I actually think I decided to do a full this next summer. Come on, you know you want to! :)

  13. Oh my goodness, that's hilarious :) Poor thing, good thing the endorphins got in the way of your mortification :) Youre amazing - great job!! Your 10K was like 17 minutes faster than mine :) Maybe one day Ill catch up to your speedy gonzalezness - yes that's a word :)

  14. Ha! So you peed a little.... It happens!

    Good job friend!

  15. WTG!!!! I love that you peed your pants, totally awesome!!! And if you aren't friends w/ Mel Kottez you need to be, she's a big runner and she LOVES California, I bet she'd give her left arm to come out there and run that w/ you! You should ask her!

  16. congrats!! that's awesome! looks like a beautiful race course too! as much as I'd love a trip to SoCal I don't think I have another half marathon in me. nevermind I could never keep up with you! :) seriosuly great job!!!

  17. Oh gosh. I want to laugh but I'm so scared this is going to happen to me next month now! Black pants, check! And congrats on the PR!

  18. oh my goodness. great job on the time - wow! and I can't believe you actually peed!

  19. hahahaha i hear about that happening all the time! many runners in high school for track meets would talk about it! what you described at mile 11 and 12 is what i feel on blocks 1 and 2. LMAO!
    you are doing so well! keep it up mama! i admire you!

  20. HAHA!!! Yes, I'd say always wear black running pants is a VERY important thing to remember.

    And congrats on the awesome run time! You go girl!