19 Months Old!

Dear Marcus,
You are officially closer to being 2 than you are 1. It is so bittersweet to watch you grow. While I want you to forever remain my baby (and don't get me wrong, you will always be my baby) it is so much fun to watch you grow into the little boy you are becoming.
This past month you have made leaps and bounds towards little-boyhood. You are such a determined, feisty little man. It blows my mind how many times you will fall down, bruise a knee, obtain a scrape, bump your head, but you bounce up and just keep going. You are really good at that -- going. You go, and go, and go. While it is exhausting it is also so much fun. Your dad and I both love the fact that you  would prefer to be outside, getting dirty, taste testing rocks, swimming in the pool, or simply running laps around the neighborhood.
Here are your official stats:
Height - 34 3/4 inches (95th percentile)
Weight - 31 pounds (95th percentile)
Teeth - 17
Clothing size - 2T
Shoe size - 6
Diaper size - 5

At your doctor's appointment a few weeks ago the doctor was very pleased with your activity, and she was impressed with your strength. If only she knew how strong you really are. Some days it takes all my strength to get a diaper on you. Not only are you muscularly strong, you are strong willed. That combo can make for some interesting days.

Though you still love yourself some macaroni and cheese, you are starting to try other foods. I think you've surprised yourself at how much you like different things!

Recently your vocabulary has really expanded. I was worried for awhile you would never use words, but you're coming around. New words this month include:
ball, bye, ew, hey, hi, me, meow (this is a current favorite, and you say it all.the.time.), mine, my, ow, quack, uh oh, up.
Other highlights for month 19:

  • You find tooting to be hilarious. You are all boy. 
  • You have learned to blow on your food if you think it's hot. It is hilarious to watch, as you are not real great at blowing. 
  • Brushing your teeth may or may not be the highlight of your morning, as well as the highlight of bath time.
  • You have finally begun waving hi and bye. 
  • As of late you have discovered you can use our bed frame to climb into our bed (which is quite high up). Once you are on the mattress you proceed to chuck all 1,865 pillows onto the floor. Making the bed can take awhile in the mornings. 
  • There is a little skip to your run that is so freaking cute.
  • You have a self-propelled 4-wheeler that you LOVE scooting around on. You could spend all day just puttsing around on that thing. 
  • One of your favorite outdoor activities is being chased by mommy. This is usually when we need to go inside, but you have a different agenda. 
  • Your "gentle" touch with Izzy and Drake can almost qualify as gentle. We are lucky our pets are so patient with you.
  • We have started playing with sidewalk chalk. You find your clothes to be a fun canvas to draw on. It washes and I don't mind the mess. Draw on little man, draw on.
  • Lately we have been having dance parties in the living room, and you love to shake your little tush around. I die every time. It might be the cutest thing I have ever seen. 
  • Recently you have displayed strong interest in reading books. As a lover of reading I am so happy to see you pull out your books and plop down to "read" for a few minutes. Currently your favorite books are Little Blue Truck, Barnyard Dance, Fifteen Animals, and Bright Baby First 100 Words. You LOVE pointing at all the pictures in the First 100 Words book and "asking" me to say the name of each object. I happily oblige. 

Lastly, I want to remember our mornings and our evenings... For the past few weeks we have started each day by snuggling. While you drink your cup of milk we bundle up in a blanket and we take our sweet time waking up together. At the end of each night you snuggle into me, drinking your cup of milk, letting the drowsiness wrap you up while I hold on tight. I know these moments won't last forever, so for now I will soak them up while you let me.
You are amazing, beautiful, and loved more than you will ever know.

I love you to the moon and back. Twice.



  1. Your letters to Marcus are always so beautifully written. I need to see a video of his rump shaking though. There is nothing that makes me snort wine out of my nose more than seeing a little baby booty shaking.

  2. The kid likes brushing his teeth? What is WRONG with him?!? :) So adorable an such a big boy!

  3. So sweet - he looks like you :) Love his blonde hair.

  4. It flies by that's for sure! And sounds like he's all boy! Love his shirt and as always he's so adorable!

  5. Awwww! It's things like this I miss with my boys now that they're older. Sniff.

  6. soooo for his birthday, youre taking him on a RCCL cruise, yes?! ;)
    i cant wait for him to be 2! he is all personality!

  7. Love this! He sounds so much like Mac! Why is tooting so hysterical to boys?! And he even looks so strong! What a cutie.

  8. Ok seriously our kids are almost the same size!!! I still love meow as a word and the blowing on food is awesome! I can just visualize him throwing pillows everywhere and it's cracking me up! Happy Birthday Marcus!!

  9. i need to see an IG video of these dance parties!

  10. Good grief, how are they growing so fast?! He is just the cutest though! All boy over here too.. the gas, the scrapes and falls, being outside constantly and the go go going!! I agree... so much fun these sweet boys are.

  11. He is such a cutie and getting so big. Jackson loves brushing his teeth too. I tell him I have to do it first and then when I'm done, he brushes them some more himself. He never wants to give the toothbrush back! Ha.

  12. He looks so much older than he is! Such a big boy!

  13. I enjoyed catching up on all your posts that I have missed! Happy 19 months :)

  14. He is just so handsome! That last picture is killing me. And I was worried with JT too that he would never talk or put together phrases but man when they start they really seem to take off. I had to learn to quit worrying and know he would get there in his own time.

    Happy 19 months Marcus!

  15. I miss those snuggling moments. Dance parties are the best!

  16. Aww. I love this! Clay started meowing recently and now we're working on barking. And snuggling is always the best!!

  17. i don't feel like its been that long since i've read your blog but somehow he seems SO much bigger!! he is so cute!

  18. Goodness these letters to Marcus melt my heart. You're amazing! And seriously you have an awesome one on your hands! I love his personality!

  19. Such a sweet boy! They grow too fast :-(

  20. This is one adorable little guy that you are building wonderful memories with!!