A Paradise Park

Even after three and a half years of living in Los Angeles we are still discovering all sorts of hidden gems tucked away in secret spots.
How I didn't know about this particular park is completely beyond me. It is like a tropical paradise nestled snuggly within the busy city. If you aren't looking for the park you will pass right by it. It is a treasure just waiting to be uncovered. Thankfully, we did just that.
The bridge and stream provided us with endless entertainment opportunities. 
Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth we went.

There were no play structures but Marcus could have cared less. Running free was better than any slide, sand, or swing.
Around the stream we went. Several times. 

Then we found the ducks... 
...And the fearless squirrels.
It's our own little paradise in the city.


  1. That's a really tame squirrel to let M get that close! And that first picture? GORGEOUS.

  2. Wow...what a beautiful park. I wish we had something like that. I love how close Marcus got to the squirrel.

    Laura @ Mice In The Kitchen

  3. what a fun little place! looks like he (and the squirrel) enjoyed it!

  4. That last pic, precious! Looks beautiful!

  5. Oh wow! That place look so beautiful! It looks exactly like the kind of place I would love to just sit down and relax at.

  6. We went to Loose Park when we were in KC and this sort of makes me think of that!

  7. what an absolutely gorgeous park! such a find!

    loving the pictures! you take amazing ones!

  8. and wait - what camera do you have?!!

  9. That looks gorgeous! I'm totally moving to LA.