Yellow Smoke

Rain held us hostage over the weekend.
For real rain.
Not the California rain we're used to. If you're not familiar with California rain, it isn't rain at all, it's just a little mist. But, here, it's been the real stuff. We've been couped up for almost 72 harrowing hours and it wasn't any fun for Marcus or me.

Yesterday we finally saw temps above 55 and the sun peaked her glorious face in and out of the puffy clouds all day along.

Outside we went!
I took Marcus to Yellow Smoke Park. Yellow Smoke isn't any old park. It's 321 acres of beautiful land. A small lake sits at the center of the park, a nature center is perched atop one of the many hills over-looking the park, cabins are sprinkled throughout the park and can be rented, and campgrounds are utilized all summer long. It's a hidden little gem that I wanted Marcus to experience.

It was clear Marcus relished finally being outdoors.
The little monkey was captivated by the lake.
The lake was so clam and tranquil, it was like looking into a mirror. The sky's reflection in the lake was gorgeous.
To keep Marcus from heading right into the cold waters we distracted him with a park that was snuggly nestled between the wild grasses and towering trees. Per the norm, the swings were the highlight, followed closely by throwing shredded tire bits onto the slide.
For awhile I left Marcus with Grandma so I could wander the park, soak up the splendor of nature, and snap photos.
Baby gosling and her guardians keeping a close watch.
They sky seems so much bigger here.
One of the many bridges that I could have photographed all day long.
My little man couldn't get enough of the lake and the wide open spaces. I think the Cali boy belongs in the Midwest.
Bye-bye park.
We'll be back.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I bet that little water boy couldn't understand why in the world he wasn't allowed to go swimming. I love parks like that. I could spend all day there.

  2. What a beautiful park. Looks like you guys had a great time there!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Glad you 2 are having a good time. :)

  4. This park is very pretty and my boys like Marcus love just running free at the park! Plus it wears them out for mommy :-)

  5. I agree!!! Cali boy belongs in the Midwest!!!

  6. Those are beautiful pictures! He looked so happy!

  7. Awesome pictures! Looks gorgeous there!

  8. Ahh yes! I lived in California for 5 years and moved back to South Dakota (my home state) almost 3 years ago. I still enjoy a good rain, that California most just didn't cut it for me! :) enjoy your time in God's Country. :)

  9. Ahh such beautiful pictures! He def belongs in the Midwest! Glad y'all were able to finally get outdoors after being cooped up for a few days.

    I love taking pictures of bridges. There's just something about them!