We're Here! We Made It... Alive!

I apologize in advance for the lack of quality in my photos. Due to our all day traveling adventure I had to document with just my phone.

Our full day of travel came, and I'm happy to report we made it to the Midwest alive and well!

That's not to say there weren't a few bumps along our path home...
If you're planning to travel solo with a toddler I highly recommend this nifty little Ride-On Carry-On seat that attached to my carry-on luggage. It was my lifesaver.
Scott was able to walk us to our gate. Watching my little man and my main man as they viewed planes coming and going made me a bit misty-eyed. It finally sunk in that we wouldn't see Scott for weeks.
After a few short minutes and quick good-byes it was just Marcus and me. I had a few toys and plenty of food, but the real entertainment was watching all the aviation activity outside, and the travel chair. Marcus had a ball climbing up and getting down out of the chair. 
Our first flight was the "long" one. Two hours to Denver. And, our flight was full. Awesome. No one wants to sit next to the lady with a toddler. No one. But, no one wanted to avoid the middle seat next to us more than the lady who actually ended up sitting by us.

This particular passenger was wearing a surgical mask... And a fanny pack. I knew this wasn't going to be good.

Just before take off Marcus let one huge sneeze fly, nose mist flew to the high heavens. I could literally feel the woman recoil. She unzipped her fanny pack, wiped down her arm, and then the arm rest. I'm a bit shocked she didn't wipe Marcus and me down, too. Not two seconds after she'd disinfected everything Marcus chucked his sippy cup at her, and it landed square in her lap. I'm pretty sure the lady had a small heart attack. I profusely apologized as I snatched the sippy cup away. The fanny pack was opened again, and this time everything was wiped down with alcohol wipes. She wasn't about to mess around with the second wave of Marcus spittle.

Lucky for all of us, Marcus fell asleep just before take off, and stayed asleep most of the flight. Hallelujah! But, let's not forget to mention just after waking, and 30 minutes prior to landing, Marcus decided that would be a good time to fill his pants. In case you haven't flown in awhile, 30 minutes before landing is when you can no longer "move about the cabin." So, we all got to bask in that glorious smell. *sigh*
He's asleep and I'm doing my best not to touch surgical mask woman.
A quick layover in Denver was enough for a bathroom break and a quick snack. I just knew the hour flight to Omaha would be a breeze. But, after a two hour nap and some food Marcus was ready to move. He did well, all things considered... 
Then we started to land. Marcus kept tugging his ears, and I knew the pressure was bothering him. That's when it happened. The uncontrollable screaming and crying. I was that mom, he was that kid. Nothing I said or did made his situation better. I wanted to crawl under my seat and die. 

But, we landed, and no one died. So I think we can go ahead and consider that a victory. 

Because we had been so cooped up, and had an hour drive to my parents still in front of us, we stopped in a little town to let Marcus play and burn some energy.
It was obvious he enjoyed stretching his little legs.
Smart move on our part, as the car ride proved to be another opportunity for a nap. 
When we finally arrived at my parents house Marcus had a difficult time adjusting. I started to wonder if I'd made the right decision bringing him. When we went outside to play I knew everything would be just fine.
He couldn't get enough of the wide open grassy space. He would move his little legs as fast as they would carry him all around the yard. Flopping down and feeling the grass between his fingers brought jovial bursts of laughter.
The sound of summer filled the evening; bull-frogs croaking away, birds chirping, crickets singing. It was all music to my ears. And, the smell of fresh cut grass was just the intoxicant we needed before calling it an evening.

Our day was long, and though I second-guessed our travels, something tells me this trip is going to be one full of love, laughter, and many beautiful memories...
We're home!!


  1. Glad the flight went "okay" for the most part. I'm sure you're super excited to be home!! By the way n case 2 flights with a toddler wasn't enough I don't think Iowa is THAT far(not as far as SoCal) from NJ. :)

  2. I am surprised germ freak didn't move to another seat. Don't you hate when people come and sit next to you when there are other seats available? that is my one pet peeve about flying Southwest.

    Glad you made it home safely, and by safely, I mean you didn't punch anyone during your day of traveling!

  3. sounds like wonderful travels ;)
    I am so jealous that it is SUNNY there! seriously.

  4. Wow! I'm so glad you two made it relatively unscathed! I think both of you will have an amazing time while you're there. Just reading about the smell of fresh cut grass and the sounds of bullfrogs makes me yearn for the summers of my childhood.

  5. Wow! What an interesting flight, sitting next to a germaphobe!

  6. Yay, glad you made it! Crazy about mask lady lol. I bet once Marcus settles in he's going to have a BLAST!

  7. I don't know why, but every time we talk about you being (and reading this) I get all misty eyed!!! Guess it's b/c I know how much I love this area and am so happy you get to be here to love it too!

    Oh, and do you not have any grass in CA???

  8. aahhahaha! Good Lord. You're a trooper for dealing with the surgical mask lady. And the screaming toddler. And the hours of traveling that are exhausting even without a toddler. Happy that you made it safely and that everything is going well so far! :)

  9. hahahaha surgical mask lady. oh boy.
    i am so nervous for our long flight to germany when baby G is 3 months old! BLAH!
    i will totally be that mom with that kid, more than once i am sure!
    i know itll be hard to be away from scott for so long but im glad you two are home with family!

  10. I love it!! On the last leg of our flight home from Germany (Chicago to KCI) Abby screamed. The whole way. Thankfully it was a short flight, but it was on a smaller plane and I got to be that mom. So, it happens. People understand. I'm SO glad you made it safely!! ENJOY!!

  11. It is hard to travel with kids, and I wish other people were more understanding. I actually had a guy move after he saw it was me with my two year old. Then I saw him typing an email about being on a plane with kids. I rather be on a plane with a kid than an adult that keeps drinking...or worse.

    I am glad you made it safely!

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  13. Oh My! That lady has no tolerance for germs at all! Wow! I can't believe she did that ...but then again as a nurse I'm pretty immune to any sneeze that comes my way! Welcome back to the Midwest!

  14. Wow. I dont get why that lady was even on a plane if she was that bad with germs. Wow. But glad things went well other than that and his hissy fit. I've never flown on a plane like that other than a small one for a view over the beach. so hubby had to leave for weeks and you and marcus went to stay with your parents?


  15. Glad you all made it!! I'm so happy you got a picture with surgical mask lady in the back... This will be a funny story for Marcus some day ;-)

  16. Seriously, the surgical mask.. I die! That is hilarious! You should be proud of yourself Momma that is a big accomplishment.. flying solo with a toddler. I'm impressed. Nothing beats the smell of fresh cut grass.. aah.. smells like summer and I love it.

  17. Oh my goodness, that lady on your flight is cracking me up! I can't imagine. But I'm glad you made it with relatively few issues ;)

  18. Of course the person who had to sit next to y'all was a person wearing a face mask! What are the odds?! Lol.

    Considering all that could have happened I think he did very well :)

    Glad that you're home. The way you described being home is beautiful.