Bottle Calves

Some of my fondest memories as a child were spending time on farms and interacting with animals. Though my family didn't live on a farm several of my friends did. I took advantage of every opportunity and spent time on those farms.

I want Marcus to understand and appreciate farms, even if we live in a big city.

After chatting with my friend Kati, and her mom, Patti, we made a date to show Marcus some bottle calves. I will be the first to tell you, my excitement about spending time with calves far exceeded Marcus'.
If only they didn't get so big! How cute are these two? My younger self would have wanted to pack up this little guy and girl and take them home with me.

Introductions went fairly well. Marcus wasn't so sure what this was all about, but he was willing to check out all the action.
Oh my gosh, isn't it just the cutest how the little calf is suckling Kati's hand? Gahhh! I want one.
Marcus was cautiously curious.

We did manage to get some feeding time in with the calves.
Left: Marcus in the background, not too sure about all this business.
Top right: I let the little guy suckle my fingers. Seriously, can they come home with me?
I'm not sure what we said or did, but Marcus decided he'd give the feedings a go, too.
Marcus still needs a little practice keeping the bottle held up, but he had the right idea.
Though most of my time was spent trying to keep Marcus out of the fresh manure patches, I loved watching him experience something so different from our daily routine.
Maybe, just maybe I have a little farmer on my hands!

Kati and Patti, thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to spend time with the calves. We (I) LOVED it!


  1. so cute! If you ever come to St. Louis, you MUST take Marcus to Grant's Farm. It is great!

  2. Cutest thing ever! I love that photo of him holding the bottle! That's a keeper. The calf is too. So cute. I'd want to take it home too!

  3. Cute! My grandfather is a farmer in Idaho, so I have memories of playing on his farm, exploring his barn or wheat fields, and rolling in the yard in a big old tire. Great times!

  4. Oh my gosh, so cute!!

    One time when Logan and Aidan were little, Adam took them to our local life and science museum where they had a cow. Logan was maybe 3ish at the time and when the cow moo'd, he got so scared and and said he didn't like the cow because he had "serious eyes" which was so hilarious and random. So sad I missed it. Maybe we need to re-familiarize them with cows and see how Lorelai would react. But I'm guessing not well, since she's scared of the Chick-fil-a cow ;).

    Glad Marcus did so well!

  5. My parents raise cattle and when I explained to my (future) husband that the meat he was eating was one of the cows he used to talk to and try to rescue, I think he started looking at my family with a little bit of hate! He is such an animal lover and it totally crushed him to know that they raised them only for food.

  6. I do believe he looks right at home in that last picture! Definitely an Iowa farmer boy! :)

  7. Aw! This takes me back to my FFA days!! They are so cute when they are small! And I think it's awesome that you are showing Marcus these different things!!

  8. Awwww... so cute! I desperately want a baby lamb. Like, with every fiber of my being. But Andre says no. He's mean.

  9. Your younger self wanted to take these home?? More like myself, right this minute wants to take those home! I've always wanted some fainting goats. Guess the goats at the zoo will have to do for us. SO CUTE!!!


  10. A. loving your shoes!
    B. baby calves. so cute. love watching them learn to stand!
    C. him feeding them. EEEE!!!!

  11. Cute! We have bucket calves every year on our farm! They are so fun and I like having them suck on my finger..haha!