Memory Lane - A Campus Visit

I briefly talked of Sally before. But, I feel I really have to explain how crazy it is that our paths crossed, or, should I say, didn't cross until meeting up by way of our blogs.

One afternoon I stumbled upon Nothing Isn't Nothing and began reading about a sweet little boy named Mace. His mom wrote of him in a way I would write about Marcus. There was just something about Sally (and Mace!) that drew me in. I loved stalking catching up on their lives, and watching Mace hit developmental milestones none too far behind Marcus.

After several (billion) emails back and forth we discovered we attended ISU, at the same time. We worked for the campus recreation services as lifeguards, at the same time. We lived on the same street, at the same time. How in the world did we never bump into each other while at school?!

Thankfully, we had the opportunity to finally really meet. Our little blogger date went so much better than I hoped, and as suspected, Sally and I hit if off just smashingly.

To reminisce and dream of life when it was a little more care-free Sally and I packed up our boys and headed to one of my favorite places on Earth.

It's never too early for a campus visit, nor is it too early to begin instilling some Cyclone pride!
We made it to campus and both boys obviously fell in love with the place instantly...
The Campanile. If you look closely, Marcus and I are standing below the Campanile in the left photo.
And, yes, yes I did "officially" become an Iowa Stater - HA!
Don't they just look like they belong there?!
Showing my little man around campus.
Marcus discovered the steps up Curtiss Hall the agricultural building (how appropriate).
It was insanely hot and humid so we headed to the Memorial Union (aka MU) to cool off, and to wash Mace's feet. Mace found the only muddy area on all of campus. Ha!
It was so surreal to be there, with Sally and Mace, and Marcus. I kept thinking how crazy it was strolling around campus with my little man. Ten years ago (ten years, yikes!) I would have laughed at myself if I said I was going to be totting a toddler around campus.
Our tour ended, and we had to say goodbye to Mace and Sally. I'm not sure how the boys felt about the whole experience. They were full of expressions, weren't they?
Before leaving town I had to stop by one of my all time favorite places. Jack Trice! So many Saturdays were spent here, tailgating and cheering on my beloved Cyclones. 
So may memories were made on this campus, and it was so much fun to create more with Sally, Mace, and Marcus.

My only regret about the whole experience... I wish I would have met Sally long before now!


  1. I didn't realize you guys had a Campanile also! Ours is a huge tradition as well and a landmark for the campus. How fun!

  2. It looks like you had a great time. I have never seen the ISU campus before. It looks pretty!

  3. aww, looks so fun :) I cant believe you never met, that's just crazy talk :)

  4. That is awesome so your paths were there but you weren't destined to meet until you were both mommies!!

  5. That is so neat! And such a beautiful campus as well!

    Andre and I were talking one evening, and we found out that while he was in high school, he worked at a grocery store that I would go to when we were vacationing down here. It's kinda weird to think that we could have passed each other in the aisle and had no idea what our futures held for us.

    The same could be said for you two! For all you know, you could have walked past each other on the sidewalk one day. Or held the door open for the other person. Never knowing that you would both eventually meet online and become friends.

  6. i love these pictures! the first series of 3 in their strollers is like a whole conversation i can imagine. so sweet! i cant believe you guys never ran into each other in the past! its so cool to see what blogger world can do!

  7. That's crazy that you guys never met before now! But, it seems like it was totally meant to be one way or another! It looks like a beautiful campus!!

  8. What a small world! So crazy that it took the whole huge internet to cross paths after all those years. Very cool story :)

  9. Aside from the blinding Crimson and Gold (eck!), the photos were fun to look at! :) How great you were able to meet up with a fellow blogger! It's nice to be able to reach out and touch them and say "Ok, you ARE real!"

    Go Hawks!

  10. OMG! What are the chances?! That is insane. The blogging world is incredible,

    Looks like a great day and tour. Such a fun thing to do with the little ones.

  11. how fun!!! love the connections and friendships you can make from blogging!