The Children's Museum - Omaha

While my hometown has provided a plethora of fun for Marcus, but there are lots of great things not too far from us as well.

We took an afternoon and headed to Omaha to check out their Children's Museum.
I was a bit apprehensive that Marcus might be too young to understand or enjoy the exhibits. I was way off.

There was so much for Marcus to see and do. I loved sitting back and watching him soak up all that was around him.

He discovered several new vehicles and machinery that we don't often see when we're home.
The mower (upper left), the buttons to push (lower left), and the blade of a "helicopter" (middle) were among the favorites.
A "fire station" provided tons of fun with it's netted, elevated walk-ways.
Marcus found the "floor" of the walk-way to be just the coolest thing.
Of course several trips up and down the slide were made.
My kid isn't the only one who finds going up is equally, if not more fun, than going down, is he?
I reveled in the time he spent on the "farm". Watching him check out the corn and animals was the highlight for this mommy.
Oh, you know, just checkin' the crops.
But, the main attraction for the little man was none other than the water area, which should have come as no surprise. The second Marcus spotted the pool he made like a bandit and immediately got his little paws wet. A vast majority of our time was spent there.
We could have played in that water all.day.long. From the fountains, to the toys, Marcus was in heaven.
We loved our time at the museum!
Now, we just have to find something similar in L.A.!


  1. Wow! This museum looks perfect for a one year old! So much fun I'm sure! Have a great weekend!

  2. He is a fish!!! What a great place for kids!

  3. Never been before! Looks super fun! Will have to incorporate that with a Henry Doorly trip this summer maybe....

  4. That looks like a great Children's Museum! Ours in Coralville is great, but I think Omaha's has it beat!

  5. That looks like so much fun!! The children's museum nearest to me is about 2 hours away and not nearly as awesome!! So glad you're having a good time! :-)

  6. Why is that not closer to me?! Looks like lots of fun! :)

  7. i love his fun summer outfit! & the last picture i can totally see you in him! adorbs!

  8. That looks awesome! I can see why he had a great time. Even I would have a fun time at a museum like that!

  9. Glad he had fun there! My girls enjoyed the water too---the Children's Museum by us doesn't have a water exhibit!

  10. I know I say this every time but seriously he's adorable!

  11. If you have a chance sneak up to Brookings Children's museum. We enjoy that one even more, and it's not so crowded =)

  12. Looks like such a fun time! I loved museums as a child. I feel the need to go to one now. I need to have babies ;)

    He is so adorable!