A Lake, a Pontoon, and Lolo

With our extended stay in Iowa my best friend, Amy, and I decided it was only right we get together with our littles. The last time Marcus and Lorelei were together was Christmas, and it would have been a crying shame if we didn't get the two together while we were home.

We traveled a few hours to northwest Iowa and stayed with Amy's parents at their house on a small lake; their hospitality was second to none.

Because Marcus loves the water so much I was a little concerned we would spend all of our time trying to keep him out of the water. Luckily for him (and me), there was a plethora of lake fun to keep us all happy.

Watching the babies reenact Titanic at the helm of the pontoon was almost too much to handle. Oh, the cuteness!
Taking the boat out when ever we wanted was such a treat.
Little man was happiest by the water. No shocker there.
Grandma D and Marcus both enjoyed the time spent on the lake.
Two peas in a pod. We are the happiest when we are around water.
While I loved every second on the water I couldn't help but miss Scott, and found myself wishing he could be with us to experience this first of Marcus'.

Time spent on the lake was fun, but it was also a hoot to watch Marcus and Lolo during their every day routines.

What you can't see in the bottom picture is the piece of food that Lolo was trying to share with Marcus. Sadly, the food didn't quite make it to Marcus' tray, to the floor it fell.
A rubbermaid lid made for excellent carpet rides. Look at Marcus hugging on Lolo. These two are too much. Heart is officially melted.
The joys of the swimming pool! You better believe these two little fish were splashing and having a grand old time. However, the photo session we were trying to create did not amuse either of them.
And the Iowa sunsets were enough to take my breath away.
What a weekend we had!
Tim, Nancy, Amy, Kevin, and Lorelei, it was so great to spend the weekend with you. We had an absolute blast. Thank you for helping us to create some priceless memories!


  1. How fun! Your pictures are always so amazing! Love all of them!

  2. SO cute! Love the picture of them in the baby pool :-)

  3. These photos are great! It looks like you and Marcus are having such a great time!

  4. The pics are great! And that Sunset!!! Amazing!

  5. I really love these pictures. Especially the picture of the sunset! Stunning! Those little babes are too cute and they look like they're having a blast.

  6. those bright colors definitely suit you and marcus! i love pontoon days. the best!
    AND THAT SUNSET! holy stunning!

  7. Aw!! So much fun!!! The two of them together are darling!!

  8. So, so sweet! Pontoons are the story of our summer. :) How did Marcus do with the lifejacket? We CANNOT get Em to be okay with hers.

  9. they are so cute together!! how fun that you got to go on a boat too!!

  10. They are just so adorable - enough to make my uterus hurt but nope, no more here for me! Glad he is a water baby though - we need more of those ;-)

  11. Your pictures are incredible! I love them!

    Goodness Marcus is one little cutie! Love his little face!