Let's Try This Again

Just before Marcus turned one he had his first hair cut. It was a disaster.

Fast forward three months and we had yet to get Marcus' hair trimmed. We talked about getting him in to get a hair cut 1,453,789,362 times. However, following through with that thought never happened... Until Marcus and I got back to Iowa.

Almost every single person we have bumped into, talked to, or basically glanced at, has commented on Marcus' hair. I've lost count of all the comments on the length of his hair, and questions on when we plan to have it cut again. Apparently the surfer look isn't as cool in Iowa.

Finally I buckled and made an appointment with the same stylist, Lori, who kept me looking so fresh and so clean when I was growing up.

Even though I brought Grandma along, and we were well prepared with treats, drinks, and toys, the experience went about how I imagined it would...
 Yep. It went that well.
And please note he's not wearing any pants. We keep it classy. (Actually, we'd just finished swimming and I totally forgot to pack shorts, so the kid went without. Whoops. Good thing no one cares in my home town.)
I owe a million thanks to Lori. She did an awesome job with a not so awesome client.
Next time we're using a straight jacket.


  1. Aww how sad! I don't want to cut my hair either, Marcus!

  2. Bless him! Mine did the same thing and eventually we just started buzzing it because it was easier. LOL

  3. Poor bug, but more importantly poor mama :)

  4. Poor buddy! What is it about haircuts that traumatizes kids so much? I don't know if I ever had issues getting my hair cut when I was a wee one, but I know now I loooove having someone wash my hair and mess with my scalp. It just feels so good.

    (By the way, I just realized that Marcus got his first haircut on my birthday. Now we both have a reason to celebrate that day!)

  5. boys in the midwest need a nice buzzcut! ;)
    my brothers second boy has long hair and it drives everyone crazy. but it fits his personality!

  6. OMG, those chubby thighs, that face -- I die! From a stylist's point of view, do you ever comb his hair? Or play with it? Or take him when you get your hair done?? All of those things will help prepare him for next time (although he might be so traumatized from this time that it won't matter what you do, he'll be super worked up again!). Anyway, to prepare him, try sitting him in his high chair and just comb through his hair so he's used to the feeling. Then, take him to meet the person who will cut his hair next time in advance so he/she is a familiar face. After that, it's up to him. :) Good luck next time!

  7. oh no!
    i wouldnt think his hair was that long! or that he hates it so much!
    all is well and over with now i am sure you are both thankful!
    hes still cute :)

  8. Jacob did well with a lollipop. Until it was covered with cut hair. ;) sorry to see he has such a tough time with it. :(

  9. oh no! he definitely does not look happy!!

  10. Aww, Poor guy! probably has no idea why a stranger is coming at his head with a sharp object ;)

  11. Aww, poor Marcus. Jackson doesn't like haircuts either. He did fine when I took him to the salon and they just used scissors, but now my sister does it with clippers and he cries the whole time. :-( He's actually supposed to get a hair cut tonight. I keeping hoping each time is better, but its usually not.

  12. Aw! Poor kiddo!! We just had Mav's first haircut, they had Elmo on... I think that was a huge help!