15 Months Old!

There may have been a good chance I didn't get a 14 month update for my little guy. It's very possible I was sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, sipping on a fruity drink. Whoops.

I'm not on a beach and the closest thing I've had to a fruity drink is a Bud Light Lime (the lime is kind of tropical, right?). Even though the 23rd marked the actual 15 month mark, there will be no missed update.
Never mind my child is still in his pjs. They're comfy and his first nap happens at 9AM. No point in putting on *real* clothes until after the morning nap!
FIFTEEN MONTHS! What? I'm pretty sure we're still cleaning up from the big one year bash. Three months has just zipped right by us. 

Unofficial stats:
Height - 31.5ish inches
Weight - 27.5ish pounds
Teeth - 17! Marcus appears to have an extra tooth between his canine and lateral incisor.
I tried to take a photo of Marcus' mouth, but that's about as easy as lassoing a gnat. 

Lately, Marcus has really developed quite the personality. He can be stubborn, and impatient, sweet, and cuddly. He is our little spitfire, and he constantly keeps us on our toes. 
Marcus' latest party tricks:

  • Mimicking - tongue clicking and tongue-sticking-out top the mimic list.
  • Pointing - there's pointing to lots of random stuff going on.
  • Hugs - no stranger danger here, a random child at the zoo was a recipient of one of Marcus' sweet little hugs.
  • Climbing - true to his monkey ways, Marcus is climbing on everything.
  • Hand holding - This just started happening and it melts my heart; Little Man will reach for our hands while walking.
  • Pushing - anything with wheels is moved.
  • Swinging - the most favored and most time consuming park activity.
  • Time outside - any foul mood can usually be flipped by simply heading outside.
  • Stacking and pouring - if one object fits into another, that's where Marcus puts it; pouring water from one container to another can provide countless minutes of fun.
  • Swimming - we are in the inflatable pool every.single.day. And, blowing bubbles and kicking are pretty entertaining.
Diet - slowly but surely expanding our foods past mac n cheese and hot dogs. 

Words - So much is being said, but so little of it I understand! "Momma", "mom", "da-da", and we think Grandma, which comes out sounding like "ah-ma" are the few words that are actually translatable.
I have to say, I'm ready for more words to be added to the vocabulary. When Marcus whines and I have to play the guessing game to figure out what's wrong gets pretty old pretty fast. 
Little man, you are so much fun! There is so much you're learning, discovering, trying, and figuring out. Watching you grow right before our eyes has been the most amazing experience. 

We love you, Monkey!


  1. Sometimes I feel like Marcus and Drew are so close in age and then I'm reminded he's only 15 months old. Such a gap now, but when they are 5 and 6 years old it won't even be apparent! :) Drew was the same way with hugs, high fives and fish bumps around this time but now there's definitely stranger danger... even with giving a high five. Makes me sad kinda... does it mean he's aware people can be bad? :(

  2. Marcus is so cute. I actually have 5 bottom incisors. Crazy. But I have no wisdom teeth, so I'm definitely happy about that. Jackson is still not saying too many words at 20 months. The pointing and grunting for what he wants is really getting old. We try to get him to say words ALL THE TIME, but he just won't do it. We are overjoyed when he does finally try and say a word and we make a huge deal about it when he tries, but I guess thats just not enough for him to try all the time. My nephew Mason is only 12 days older than Jackson and he's saying sentences and we can barely get Jackson to say one word at a time. :-( I guess he'll start really talking when he's ready and we will probably wish he'd be quiet then. Ha.

  3. what a honey! love them firetruck jammies ;)
    careful what you wish for on the vocab!
    once they start talking that means then can talk back...
    and not in a good way.
    and the inaudible whining doesnt stop! lol
    I use "use your words" and "dont talk back" ALL.THE.TIME.

  4. So cute!

    He looks as tall as a 4 year old in that last pic lol :-)

  5. He's so cute!! Mav doesn't usually get dressed until after his morning nap too (unless breakfast is a mess). I can't believe he has 17 teeth!! We aren't too far behind you age wise and we only have 6 (which I still feel is a lot).

  6. Awww... he is so CUTE! And I agree with Lisa, once those words start, sometimes it's hard to get them to stop. Especially the favorite word of all little kids, "no". :)

  7. Oh my goodness he is just so awesome, I want another right now! haha :) I remember the frustrations of not understanding - hopefully that gets better soon :)

  8. what a fun and busy (and tiring!) age! :) he is so cute!

  9. These upcoming months are the fun ones! They start to learn and develop so quickly. It is amazing to watch them grow.

  10. i cant wait for this fun stage and to see this little man!!!!
    happy 15 months!

  11. Time sure flies when you have these little guys! Aiden turns 7 tomorrow, I just can't figure out where all of that time went!!! I'm too young to have a 7 yr old, right?!? ;)

  12. What a little cutie he is! I love that he is a spitfire!

    Happy 15 months little guy!

  13. What a cutie! And aren't the spitfires the cutest?!! :)