Surf City Beach Obstacle Course

I wish this was my view every time I went for a run!
This weekend Scott and I participated in Huntington Beach's Surf City Beach 5k Obstacle course. Holy toughness!
Ready to get our obstacle on.
I'd run 5ks before. Lots and lots of 5ks. This 5k was possibly one of the hardest runs I've done in quite some time. Running just over three miles isn't difficult, unless you throw in sand (the entire time), and obstacles every quarter mile. Though incredibly challenging, it was a lot of fun, and a different way for us to enjoy the beach.
How fun does this finish line look?!
Scott, God bless him, ran shuffled with me. Poor guy, I know he was just itching to bust into his normal stride and finish with a time that was more acceptable for his ability.
Notice how all of the pictures of Scott are from behind? For the life of me I couldn't go fast enough to get in front of him to take a few pics.
After the event I was exhausted, yet had the overwhelming sense of accomplishment.
See how all the pics of me are from the front? That's because Scott would take the camera, sprint ahead of me, take the pics, and then let me catch up, or he'd run back to continue running with me. Ha! 
A big thank you to Scott for sticking with me. Though I encouraged Scott, on several occasions, to go on ahead of me, he insisted we started the race together we would finish the race together.

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