7 Months Old!

The Big Guy is 7 months old today!
Unofficial Stats
Height: 29ish inches (95th percentile)
Weight: 23ish pounds (97th percentile)
Teeth: 3
What I've learned in the last month:
~ Teething isn't easy, on anyone.
~ Bouncing is the activity of choice. Be it in the jumparoo or anywhere, jumping is the best.
~ Tags are a huge hit in this house. May the tags be on toys, or clothes, Marcus loves them.
~ The little man is crawling everywhere, and into everything. However, the crawl is more "army" than your typical crawl.
~ With all this newly exerted energy naps are longer (YAY!). But, the number of naps has dwindled to three a day.
~ Walking Running is going to happen sooner rather than later. I don't think anyone is ready for the tornado that is about to hit this house.
~ The little monkey can be cranky ALL. DAY. LONG. But, the second Daddy walks in the door from work Marcus' attitude will do a 180.
~ It appears Marcus goes to Mommy when he needs comfort, and is drawn to Daddy when he really wants to play and giggle.
~ There's a bit of an attachment to Mommy and Daddy when the little man is passed off to someone he doesn't know. Sometimes it takes a bit for the monkey to warm up to faces that aren't familiar to him.
~ This mommy may or may not be planning the big guy's first birthday party already. :)
Upper left: You can barely see Drake's nose peaking in on the right side. Notice all of Marcus' chins? Hehehe.
Upper right: This is a typical Marcus pose - arm up, waiting for kisses from Drake.
Lower left: Studying each other.
Lower right: Marcus loves his K-9 buddy.

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