First Foods: Butternut Squash

Butternut squash was up in the food rotation. I was certain the little man would like it.
After a quick taste test I concluded mushy butternut squash tasted a lot like sweet potatoes. That meant these were a sure hit.
Upper left: He wants NOTHING to do with the squash.
Upper right: Willing to try a bite or two.
Lower left: Not real sure what to think of the new food.
Lower right: Things are starting to look up.
We kept at it...
Upper left: Starting to doubt this new food and its taste and texture.
Upper right: Contemplating whether or not this is no good.
Lower left: It's official, he isn't a fan.
Lower right: Totally and completely defeated.
 Butternut squash, obviously, wasn't a favorite. We managed to make it through a few meals with more than a bite or two. However, more often than not Marcus wasn't about to stomach too much of the orange veggie.

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