California Science Center

Grandma D came to visit for a few days, and that meant we had the opportunity to do things we might not normally do with the Chunky Monkey.
Entrance to the Science Center.
For awhile we've been tossing around checking out the Science Center. With Grandma in town we jumped on the opportunity.
Ancient Egypt exhibit, YAY!
I was pleasantly surprised when I learned the current exhibit was on Cleopatra. There is just something about ancient Egypt that totally captivates me. Maybe it's the advanced construction of buildings, or the way the kings and queens lavishly lived. Whatever it is, I love it. The icing on the cake was an entire exhibit dedicated to Cleopatra, one of the most famous, yet mysterious women of all time.
Egyptian artifacts.
There was so much more than the Cleopatra exhibit, too much for us to see and do in one visit. What an awesome place.
Scott enjoyed the space portion of the Science Center.

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