The Version

Oh Baby M, how did I know you weren't going to make things easy on me/us?

After arriving at the hospital I was hooked up to an IV and had monitors strapped to my belly (one to monitor Baby and one to monitor contractions).
Scott found humor in my situation, thus the oh-so becoming photo.

As we watched the monitors it was clear I am, in fact, having contractions! 

When it was time for the doctors to attempt the version they gave me a drug to relax the uterus (apparently contractions make versions less successful). This particular drug (of which I forget the name) made my heart race, as if I'd just finished a long, hard run, and made me shaky, my teeth were chattering, and I got really hot. Then, a bunch of oil was slathered on my belly to help aid them in their attempt to turn Baby M.

I have to be totally honest, the pressure and pushing on my stomach to get Baby to move was extremely unpleasant. The doctor said it would feel like an "intense massage." Nothing about the pushing and prodding felt REMOTELY like a massage.

Three attempts later - Baby M refused to budge! The doctors said Baby seemed perfectly content in his current position, his little tush is pretty low in my pelvis, and they didn't want to compromise his safety. Completely fine by me. 
Waiting for the medication to wear off. 

So, our version attempt was unsuccessful, BUT, Baby M is healthy, and we're scheduled to meet our little guy in two weeks!

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