Non-Stress Test (NST)

FULL DISCLOSURE: This post contains photos of a very pregnant, very uncovered belly. Brace yourself :)

Last week I went in for my regularly scheduled check up. All was going well, and the doctor and I were discussing the upcoming version, scheduled for this coming Friday. As the doctor's dragging the ultrasound wand (that has to be the technical term) over my belly and taking measurements she asks if Baby M has slowed down in his movements (not at all!), and comments on the amount of fluid surrounding Baby M.

Naturally, the thought of not enough fluid surrounding my little guy is a scary thought. The doctor assured me my fluid is "borderline." That's what she said for my glucose screen, and THAT ended up just fine. Soooo, she strapped me up to a NST machine to see how our little man is doing.

My swollen belly with the NST contraption all hooked up. Each time I felt the little man move I had to press the clicker (another very technical term), seen in my right hand. 

Can't say I didn't warn you! 
After about 20 minutes the doctor unstrapped me, checked the read out, and seemed satisfied with the results. I'm headed back for another NST today, as well as Thursday. IF the tests show Baby M doesn't have enough fluid around him we won't be attempting the version. And, I'm guessing, if we don't go through the the version we'll start discussing birthday dates for Baby M...

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