Baby Macke Update - Week 37


Ok Baby M, this mommy is ready to meet you! She's also ready to sleep on her back again, so your arrival can happen ANY time now.
How far along? 37 weeks.
Maternity clothes? They are in the closet, and worn infrequently. I heart the comfy clothes, and I'm ready for "regular" clothes!!
Stretch marks? Nope. I think we're in the clear! 
Sleep? Going to bed is a cruel joke. This HAS to be prep for the arrival of Baby M, right?
Best moments this week: The NST yesterday was good! The fluid around Baby M was almost double from Fridays test. Woohoo! We have to go back Thursday for another test. If the test is good to go we will go through with the version on Friday. If the version doesn't work the doctor and I discussed the c-section, and the DATE... March 23rd is looking MIIIIIIIGHTY fine (I wouldn't object if Baby decided to make his appearance before then, however:).
Also this week I met with our pediatrician, what a great doctor - LOVE her!  
Miss anything? The list is long... Sleep is at the top. Followed by a good glass of wine, a big sushi roll, being able to see my feet when I look down, easily putting on (and taking off) shoes, socks, pants... I could go on.
Movement: The little man is all over the place. And, I don't understand how, there CAN'T be much room in there anymore.
Food cravings: Ever had orange sorbet mixed in a glass with strawberry soda? No? Me either, until this weekend. GLORIOUS! And, I want an orange/strawberry "float" ALL the time now. 
Anything make you queasy or sick? Still a no-go with peanuts and peanut butter. Blech.
Labor signs? Hello uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions! 
Symptoms: I'm always, always hot (normally I'm always cold). 
Belly button in or out? I THINK the belly button is out more than in these days.
Linea nigra? The line seems a bit darker this weekend. If you're dying to see the line click here (the first photo shows the light little line).
Wedding ring on or off? Band are on, comfortably.
Happy or moody most of the time? Welllll, I'm not "moody" per se, but I sure do seem more and more emotional, just ask Scott, God bless him for his patience with me these past few weeks.
Looking forward to:  Thursdays non-stress test! Fridays likely version!


  1. 3.23.12 sounds like a fun date! Either way, only a few more weeks until you can have a drink!

  2. Des, you look wonderful! Don't be in too much of a rush! Enjoy it, even though it doesn't seem like it's fun... you really end up missing it!
    Casey Owen