Baby Macke Update - Week 38

Looks like I swallowed a torpedo.

How far along? 38 weeks.
Maternity clothes? I have 'em. Don't really wear 'em. You may see me sporting maternity clothes (the few that actually still cover my stomach) in church. 
Stretch marks? Nada!
Sleep? Nooooope. I try sleeping in bed, no comfort, no sleep. I try the couch, no comfort, no sleep. During the afternoons I'm usually so exhausted I fall asleep sitting in a recliner. 
Best moments this week:  Though the version didn't produce the outcome I was hoping, it was great to see how well Baby M is doing, and that I'm contracting at pretty regular intervals. Perhaps the best moment, after the unsuccessful version, was the set date of March 23 for Baby's arrival. 
Miss anything? As usual, sleep. Generally, being comfortable also tops the list of things I miss the most.
Movement: Baby's still moving quite a bit. It seems things may have slowed down for him some, as I'm guessing the room he has to work with these days is becoming more and more limited.
Food cravings: Still in love with orange sorbet with strawberry soda. But, I pretty much just crave food, in general, all the time.
Anything make you queasy or sick? Besides peanuts and peanut butter I've found the smell of scrambled eggs is most nauseating. 
Labor signs? I'm contracting - yay! There are a few other little things that indicate I'm nearing labor, but I'll spare the nitty gritty. 
Symptoms: I'm G.I.N.O.R.M.O.U.S.  
Belly button in or out? My belly button has finally decided on staying out, though it's just a little bit, it's clearly out.
Linea nigra? That line seems to have darkened just a smidge.
Wedding ring on or off? The sparkles are on.
Happy or moody most of the time? I can't really describe how I'm feeling as "happy" or "moody." Emotional seems more accurate. Just ask Scott :)
Looking forward to:  Seeing my doctor Wednesday and Friday. There are a whole slew of questions I have waiting for her. 

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