Baby Room Update

Apparently Baby M's room won't be entirely finished until Baby M is actually in it. Since my last room update, when I thought the room was complete, we've added a few minor additions that I couldn't resist sharing.
Pictured on the plate is a small child kneeling, as if saying evening prayers. Precious.
A Keepsake plate has been traveling throughout Scott's family each time a new addition arrives to the family. We settled on a spot in Baby's room, and have the plate proudly displayed.

Grandma Dudding has kept her sewing machine humming. She put together this nifty little cradle caddy. I'm not totally sure what we will keep stored in there. I foresee the caddy housing stuffed animals, pacifiers, and probably a diaper or two.

This may be considered a bit of a "splurge," but that's fine by me. This adorable little chair is just for Baby M. It is lightweight, and easy to move about, it has a great little handle on the back, as well as a pouch to store Baby's favorite books. And, the chair has been personalized with Baby's name embroidered on it. I'm in love with the chair and can't wait to watch Baby M grow into it!

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