The First Five Days

Nothing could have ever prepared me for the rush of emotions, and unconditional love that I have for Marcus. I can't take my eyes off him. Even when I'm exhausted and know I need sleep I don't want to close my eyes because when I do I won't see his perfect little face.

Here is our journey of the first five days after meeting our little prince.
 Prepping for surgery.
Surgery was scheduled for 8:00AM. Due to another expectant mother needing an emergency c-section our surgery was pushed back an hour. I'd been waiting for so long to meet Marcus I thought that last hour of waiting was going to kill me.
At 10:00AM our little man finally entered our lives.
Top photo: Getting all of Marcus' measurements.
Second photo: The new daddy cutting the cord.
Third photo: I was FINALLY able to see my beautiful baby.
Bottom photo: Marcus, minutes old.
 There are probably 100 photos that look about like these three. We couldn't help but get a little camera crazy.
Our first moments with Marcus. 
Total and complete bliss.
Getting ready to go home. Things got really real... Our baby was coming home with us!

Meet our family.


  1. IN LOVE!!! Congrats. You make an awesome mama.

  2. I'm all teared up... he is a beautiful baby, such a blessing!! I can't wait to meet him. I love your family picture - so wonderful!

  3. No one can comprehend the first day with your first child until it's happened to them. It's a beautiful time full of emotions and deep feelings. I'm so happy that you have experienced that and can't wait to follow Marcus on the blog!! Congrats again!