Baby Macke Update - Week 39

First things first:
I was hoping Baby M would arrive today - what an awesome birthday gift that would have been. Looks like you'll have a belated gift :)
We hope you have an amazing day! Love you lots, and can't wait to see you!!

Holy wowzers, this week sure has been one roller coaster of emotions - even more than usual!
We had NST tests last week, and at one of our appointments the doctor informed us our original scheduled delivery date of Friday, March 23 was a no-go. The hospital was booked. My new delivery date would be Monday, March 26. Talk about disappointing, frustrating, and an extreme test of patience. Keeeeep reading...
On the home stretch!!!
How far along? 39 weeks.
Maternity clothes? Shoot, almost all of my preggers shirts don't fully cover my B-52 bomber-looking belly! I'm constantly rummaging through Scott's t-shirts to find something, anything, that will give me full-coverage. 
Stretch marks? No, woohoo! We made it without a single mark (at least, none that I can see at this point:).
Sleep? I was surprised at how well I slept over the weekend. However, Sunday and Monday nights we were back to our uncomfortable, sleepless ways. Boo.
Best moments this week: At my NST yesterday my doctor gave me the best. news. ever. She'd been calling the hospital frequently to see if anything had opened for us to deliver on Friday... Guess what? We meet our little man this Friday, right around 8:00AM!!!  
Miss anything? There are so many things I miss. But, the news I found out yesterday makes all of those wants seem so minuet right now.
Movement: Baby is still moving, but the movements aren't as much and they aren't as big. I'm guessing things are pretty tight for the little dude right now.
Food cravings: I'm downing orange sorbet like it's going out of style. But, honestly, I just love food. All of it. All the time.
The one and only full frontal shot :)
Anything make you queasy or sick? Stupid peanuts and peanut butter. The smell of scrambled eggs is rather unappealing as well. 
Labor signs? Definately having contractions. This weekend I thought we were going to have to head to the hospital due to the regularity of the contractions. As soon as I laid down on my side the contractions went away. I was so hopeful for a few hours :)
Symptoms: Same as usual - I'm huge (see B-52 bomber above).
Belly button in or out? The belly button is still slightly sticking out. 
Linea nigra? That little line doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
Wedding ring on or off? Sparklies are on! 
Happy or moody most of the time? Right now I'm ELATED! This weekend may or may not have been a little touch-and-go with my mood and emotions. However, I don't think there's much that can bring me down right now... Unless orange sorbet is discontinued, then there might be problems. 
Looking forward to:  FRIDAY!!!! 


  1. Yea!! I can't wait to hear that little Mr M has arrived! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on making it to the END!! So happy for you and your family as you will soon meet your little guy!

    Enjoy every second because it flies by!!

  3. You look gorgeous as usual!!Very excited for you to meet the little one this Friday. I wish you all the best of luck! Now, one last photo shoot opportunity...Pinterest.....there was a picture of Mom holding her tummy, both arms wrapped around the baby belly. When baby comes, Mom again, holds baby. Baby had knees up under belly and faced inward towards Mom's belly. It was adorable! Good luck!!

  4. You so beautiful and glowing as always!! The story of how you and Scott met and then the proposal, marriage, and now baby M. I am so blessed to know you and call you my friends (Scott too:)) It is so amazing to see life as you all know it change and your family grow. May God continue to bless you and I know for a fact you will both will be awesome parents!! I will continue to keep your family inmy prayers and I know your life is now complete. There will forever be apart of you and Scott that lives when we are gone one day. Congratulations!