Week 37

Week 37.
Only 21 days to go (Lord willing, it will be less time than that)!

Size of Baby // According to My Pregnancy, M² weighs approximately 6 1/3 pounds and is a little over 19 inches long. Comparatively speaking, M² is about the size of a bunch of Swiss chard (ummm, what exactly is that?)

Cravings // Fruit. Watermelon, peaches, grapes. I'll inhale them all. 

Symptoms // Thanks to the unusual humidity we've been experiencing, my toes have swollen to the size of sausages. It's real cute. 

At my doctor appointment Monday, my doctor noted there was some progression happening (I'll spare details). Nothing earth shattering, but it appears that if my body keeps doing what it's doing, I may actually have this baby without needing a c-section. 

I also have to admit I've been driving the Emotional Crazy Train lately. Scott deserves serious credit for dealing with my outbursts, melt downs, and full on wackiness.

Movement // Girlfriend apparently hasn't gotten the memo that the amount of room she has to move is shrinking. The kicks, while isolated, certainly aren't letting up in forcefulness. 

Miss Anything // The ability to keep my emotions in check. I'm all over the place (see above), and I can't help but think it's a dangerous combination of hormones and anxiousness/nervousness/fear that comes with expanding a family. 

Sleep // Most nights I do more tossing, turning, and hunting for a comfortable position than I actually spend sleeping.

Clothing // I've broken down and asked Scott to borrow some of his t-shirts. 

Best Part of the Week/ Looking Forward To… //
Our Bucket List Continues to shrink:
1. We checked out a new-to-us aquarium. While it doesn't really compare to Aquarium of the Pacific (which we are members) it was nice to get out of the house for an afternoon and check out something different. Marcus seemed to really enjoy the experience, and we might have to go back when school is in session and the place isn't as busy.
2. Also added to the "done" section of our Bucket List, was a local botanic garden. We spent a very short amount of time checking out the actual gardens. 
I was able to convince Marcus to stop and smell exactly one rose.
Most of our stay was spent in the children's garden. The the area is small but very cute. Marcus was obsessed with the water pump and watering cans, and that kept him more than happy and entertained for over an hour. 
3. We also crossed off the Ferndell Nature Trail in Griffith Park from The List. There we "hiked" for about a mile.
Marcus proceeded to find the only playground located on the grounds and insisted he was over the trail and wanted to go down the slide 1000 times.
4. We convinced Scott to take today off (who knows how many more days it will be just the three of us), and we're headed to the OC Fair - bring on all the foods on a stick!
Have a great weekend!


  1. You are so so so close!!! Eeek!! =)

  2. Um, back the train up -- only 21 days?!? How in the world did that happen?!? Eeeekkk!!! yay, so so close!!!!! next week's update will be 14 days, which is only 2 weeks, which is totally doable!!! OMG, can't wait to 'meet' this little lady of yours!!

  3. You are a TROOPER for kicking that bucket list's hiney at this state! ANY DAY now!

  4. AHHH! You're at the fair! Please tell me you're living my dream and eating all of the $2 food! And please tell me you know what I'm talking about because if not, you totally missed out! They have this deal on Fridays from 12-4 (I think?) where certain things at certain vendors are $2 (like a taster). I was looking at the list the other night and literally wanted ONE of EVERYTHING. The fair food is so good but so bad for you! Ha!

  5. I can't wait to see pictures of your new daughter! Aaah! So close!

  6. That slide looks fun! I am pretty sure I would want to slide about 1000 times on it as well. :)

  7. Wow, only 21 days?! I'm getting so excited for you! I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing crazy movement- I can't believe how sore some parts of my stomach are, due to baby kicking and punching. And I still have 9 weeks to go!

  8. Can't wait to 'meet' that sweet baby! Getting so close. And I love how everyday is an adventure for you guys! Marcus must be having the best summer ever. Love all of these pictures!

  9. I am just now looking at week 37 and you are almost to 38, Eeeekkk!!!! I better stay on top of reading your posts or I'll miss something big ;). You win the award for best summer ever by a land slide. You guys rocked it.