Noah's Ark

The story of Noah's Ark has always been one of my Biblical favorites. The animals, the cleansing, the promise of hope, new life, and second chances... It is a story that everyone seems to be able to relate to in one way or another. 

As I was creating our Summer Bucket List I knew visiting the Skirball Cultural Center to experience Noah's Ark was mandatory. Not only for Marcus but for myself. 

Upon entering the Ark we were delighted to an interactive story-telling of Noah's Ark. My favorite part of the whole story was when it was explained that the Ark and rainbow represent new life, a second chance. Then we were asked to take a closer look at everything around us... Every animal made for the Ark was created from reclaimed, recycled, and reused pieces. 

Throughout the entire experience children (and adults) were encouraged to touch and try everything.

The first room we explored was one where all the animals made some sort of musical sound. 
The zebra hind quarters spun and sounded like rain. See how the zebra mane is a recycled keyboard?
Notice the deer antlers are pitch forks.
The elephant had a gong within it. A small wheel cranked to allow the gong to sound. Needless to say, the gong was a favorite in this particular room.
After a LOT of coaxing to get Marcus out of the music room we moved into the next... The entry of the Ark!
A two story masterpiece that simply blew me away.
Again, every animal was pieced together using recycled/reclaimed/reused items.
This particular area also had so many amazing hands on activities that captivated Marcus.
Left: Spinning a wheel created lightning.
Top right: Pumping a lever made rain, which made the Ark rise.
Lower right: Spinning a wheel made this two-story giraffe's neck move from side to side.
But, the show stopper for Marcus (and almost every other child within the exhibit) was the ramp that moved animals up and into the Ark.
We spent well over an hour spinning wheels, pumping levers, and pushing buttons.

After MUCH persuasion we finally headed into the Ark.
And again, I was flabbergasted.
A two-story playroom where kids climbed, ran, and made believe.
These pictures just do not do the structure any justice whatsoever. But, man oh man was it something special.
Naturally, once Marcus got up into the structure it was practically impossible to convince him to come down.
After two hours our time was up (each entry allows for a two hour time limit, which is fabulous in keeping the exhibit from getting too crowded or crazy).
Neither of us wanted to leave.
When we returned home I couldn't stop gushing to anyone who would listen about how incredible our time in Noah's Ark was.

If you live in the L.A. area, or are planning a trip, I beg you make it a point to see and experience Noah's Ark. It will be an unforgettable experience, I promise.
More fabulous memories made, and another item off The Bucket List!


  1. That is incredible! I think everything you do tops the last amazing thing you did. Marcus is def having the best summer.

  2. wow! I love the Noah's Ark story too and this looks so amazing!

  3. Wow- what a cool exhibit! I always look forward to your posts to see what you guys did next :) I can't believe how many things you've done this summer!

  4. That is amazing and so beautiful! What an awesome place to visit... her I am jealous again. Love the wall at the end to. Go forth and be a blessing. What if that was everywhere?! Maybe people would think a bit more about their actions.

  5. I couldn’t agree more about Noah’s Ark! One of my favorites as well. This place looks amazing! And I love that they re-used and recycled to use the pieces. That’s amazing! And gives me chills, actually. You don’t find too many “fun” places that actually have a great message like this. That sounds bad, but hopefully you know what I mean!! I’m so glad you shared about this place! I am adding this to our bucketlist. Love the sweet pictures.

  6. Holy moly, I want to make the 5.5 hour trip to LA just to see this exhibit! Soooo awesome! I know a certain 4 year old girl (and her mom) who would love this. Is this a year-round or a special exhibit? Noah's Ark is a favorite Bible story here, too :)

  7. Holy smokes, that place is crazy awesome! Wow, i want to go!!!

  8. This is amazing! I sing Mac the Noah's Ark song and he loves it - this would blow his mind! :)

  9. Woah! That is amazing! Touch everything - yes please! What an awesome place!

  10. That is amazing!!!!! WOW. I didn't even know that existed! Seriously your bucket list has been the best because I have learned so much about all these cool things around us!