Travel Town

The days of summer refuse to slow down. In their haste I've been desperately trying to fill our days with as much fun and adventure as possible. A part of me may also be secretly hoping all these moments as just Marcus and Mommy could go on and last forever. There is this pang of guilt that keeps poking at me, and I'm just trying to give my little man every last ounce of me before his sister arrives.

So, to fill yet another summer day in L.A. we trucked off, with Grandma in tow, to Travel Town in Griffith Park.
I knew we would see old trains, but aside from that little bit of information I had no idea what else to expect.

We learned upon entering that a small train lapped the grounds. Naturally we made that our first priority.
After a couple laps around the museum grounds we were off to explore the numerous old engines and cars.
Climbing into the big engines was a pretty big hit. 
Being able to turn knobs and pull levers? A three-year old dream come true.
I thought surely exploring all the engines and turning all knobs and pulling all the levers would be the highlight.
I thought wrong.
It was an empty passenger car that stole the show.
Inside was completely barren, save for old wooden floors, which made for a perfect little run way. Marcus literally ran laps through the car and thought it was about the best thing ever.
With each sprint through the passenger car Marcus made sure to peek out the windows and give us a wave and a smile.

After countless laps we called it a day and bid farewell to Travel Town and successfully completed another Bucket List to-do.


  1. Another fun bucket list item! You guys are rocking it this summer!

  2. If this isn't the cutest place!! Connor would love to spend the morning there. From your list and your summer adventures, So Cal seems like the "it" place to live.

  3. Oh my, my boys would love this place! I wish we had more fun places here. There's the Boone Railroad but it's not nearly as cool!

  4. Knobs, levers and buttons…definitely a little boys dream! This place looks incredible. I know Mason would love it. I really think we need to make a trip your way. We’d never run out of things to do, that’s for sure. Looks like y’all had a fabulous time. Marcus looks so happy! Y'all sure do summer right!

  5. It looks like another fun place!

    The guilt is normal. I think every mom feels that way before #2 is born.

  6. Gah! You guys have the coolest stuff to do!

  7. Oh I TOTALLY understand this... which is why I have another trip to Utah (for 2 weeks this time) just around the corner with Mia! Trying to soak up all the fun I can with just the two of us until life changes forever!
    This looks SO COOL! Mia would totally die over the trains! What a FUN day!!

  8. this reminds me of a place we like to visit in arizona! don't worry, you and Marcus will still be able to do things together while you're baby is portable, and next summer they will enjoy doing things together!