Week 34

Six weeks to go. SIX.

Size of Baby // According to My Pregnancy, M² is about 4 3/4 pounds (apparently that's the average weight of a cantaloupe), and is almost 18 inches long. 

Cravings // Grapes. Oh my 'lanta. Marcus and I polished off two big bags of grapes in less than 48 hours. Whoops... Also newly discovered, a love of big, fat, juicy peaches. Give me all the peaches. 

Symptoms // The nightly leg cramps. The Braxton hicks. The peeing. The normal stuff. This past week has been super humid for California, and I've noticed my rings are more snug than they usually are. And, it's super subtle, but the linea nigra is definitely making an appearance. 

Movement // They're big and they're all the time. I've noticed more frequent hiccups, those have kept me up a few nights, too.  
I've noticed a change in the placement of M²'s movements, and I'm a little concerned she has flipped to the breech position. We have another appointment next week to find out. Fingers crossed and prayers said that she's still head down.

Miss Anything // I am so over being so hot. So, so, so over it. My normal bodily thermostat can return aaaaaaany day now. 

Sleep // This week has been miserable. Between being so freaking hot, leg cramps, peeing, and not being able to fall asleep after remedying said ailments, sleep has been nothing short of terrible. 

Clothing // I found a couple pair of running skirts that I can still comfortably fit in - aka stretch out - see above photo. I'm still rotating the same few tops and bottoms that actually fit. It will be interesting to see what I can actually wear, and keep my stomach covered, in the next few weeks. 

Best Part of the Week/ Looking Forward To… // 
1. This weekend! We have a few fun things planned for the 4th, and I can't wait for some good ol' fireworks.

2. We continue to cross items off our Bucket List. We've also done/seen a few things that weren't on the bucket list, but probably should have been.

  • Bucket List item: Ride the Red Trolley Car. 

I'm so glad we've made time for the trolley (twice in one weekend!). We learned on our first trip that the Red Trolley will be going out of service - for good - at the end of September. We'll be riding as much as possible until then!
  • Non-bucket list: Street Fairs
We've been to two street fairs this summer, and Marcus has the best of times on those creepy, scary, (are we sure they're totally safe?) carnival rides. 
  • Non-bucket list: Seal Day - Marine Mammal Rescue Center Open House
Near us is a marine mammal care center where they rehab seals and sea lions, as well as care for birds who fall victim to oil spills. They had a cute little open house which involved kiddie games, a touch tank, taking a look at the rehabbing animals, and a sno cone truck. 

3. My mom comes next week! There is so much I want to get accomplished with her, like finally finish M²'s room and take her on several of our bucket list adventures. But the one thing just she and I are going to do is see Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages in Hollywood. I don't even know how many times I've seen this Broadway production, but I adore it. Eep!
Have a safe and fabulous Independence Day weekend! 


  1. 34!!!!! So close, I know it's tough now, but hang in there! Xo

  2. I don't know what it is about fair rides that make me pretend that they are safe but I'm pretty sure there's nothing safe about a traveling ride. lol. I distinctly remember once I was on the swings, having fun, and then all of a sudden I'm like "if this thing breaks... I'm going FLYING to my death" and so I grabbed on tighter and realized... that wouldn't help me! LOL. Needless to say, I haven't been on any since then... even at Disneyland.
    But, on to a happier note, you guys are ROCKING the summer bucket list!!! Where is the red trolley? We might need to hit that up before it's gone!

  3. You're getting soooo close! Fingers crossed she's not breech! I miss baby hiccups in my belly sometimes. That will be so nice to have your mom there to help. Sooooo close!

  4. I can't believe how far along you are now. That went quickly, for me. 6 more weeks! So many blog ladies are popping out their second. It is crazy. I love it. My uterus loves it. Chris hates it. =)

  5. Wow! Can’t believe you are already at 36 weeks! Oh I remember the leg cramps. They hit me hard around this time too, with Mason. And Mason got the hiccups around 3 am every single night. I just knew that was prepping me for him being wide awake at 3 am as a newborn. Ha. Glad I was wrong on that one! Praying she is not breech! And if so, that she flips back around on her own quickly!! The trolley looks fun and Marcus seems to be enjoying it. And you just reminded me that I need to do a bucket list update! Thanks friend. I love all of the pictures.

  6. Fair rides never look safe, but yet I still trust them. It looks like you had a great week!