Science Center Shenanigans

It is crazy how many cool places, exhibits, and museums surround us. What's even crazier is that I didn't really know about or appreciate any of them until Marcus came along. Now I'm constantly scouring websites and "must-do" lists in Los Angeles to see where we can venture.

While we have actually been to the California Science Center before this was the first time I felt Marcus actually understood and appreciated the experience.

We spent an entire morning at the Science Center checking out all it had to offer.

I brought my camera, however the pictures I took don't even begin to scratch the surface on just how much we saw and did.
Upper left: Assemble and disassemble a puzzle x 100 times.
Lower left: Experiment with wavelength (at least I think that's what the exhibit was about).
Right: Making music.
We used air currents to move a sailboat.
Left: We played "telephone" with those cones and hoses for what seemed like ages.
Upper right: Checking out all the things that go - the toy helicopters were a hit.
Lower right: While Marcus made his magnetic masterpiece I got in on the action as well.
In the Science Center there are areas designated for younger guests. I adore how they are set up, making kids want to explore.
Left: The "living room."
Right: The "bedroom."
In the "bedroom" Marcus spotted a garbage truck. It took all sorts of bribery to get him away from the truck and on to new and different things.
Along with what I did remember to capture on film, we saw airplanes, a kelp forest, saw crash test dummies in action, climbed through a tree house, saw what the inside of the human body looks like, and so much more.

Of all we checked out the infrared was by far my personal favorite...

At first I thought just seeing our bodies all lit up was baffling.
Then I took a closer look.
Right: My uterus is on FIRE! And you can see the hottest spot where the baby is, right in the center. Mind. Blown.
It was shockingly clear where most of my blood (heat) was centered.
I sent the photo of my uterus ablaze to my sister-in-law, who is a nurse practitioner. She wondered what the infrared would show if I stood next to a non-pregnant woman.
Naturally I went on the hunt for a woman who appeared to not be with child.
It was a bit weird standing next to a total stranger, so I took the picture quickly, thus not giving a ton of time to allow the infrared to really highlight all the hot spots. But, the comparison is still obvious and amazing.
Do you know how awkward it was to ask a random lady to see if her uterus would light up, too? Luckily, the lady I asked was super understanding and had no problem standing next to me (and can you imagine what her reaction would have been if she would have seen a surprise up on that screen?!).

So cool, right?!

After hours of exploring and experimenting it was time to head home. Though my child was "hangry" he wanted nothing to do with leaving. I guess that just means we'll have to go back again soon (because secretly, I'm pretty sure I enjoyed the place just as much as Marcus)!

Chalking up another Bucket List success!


  1. That infared is so cool! Definitely can see where the little miss is hanging out!

  2. I am kind of insanely jealous over all you have to see and do. It is FANTASTIC. Those pictures are completely amazing and wonderful. I wonder how it would compare to someone who isn't as far along as you are? God is amazing.

  3. That looks like such a cool place to go to! And I love the infrared images- I saw them on your IG feed and thought that was so crazy and awesome!

  4. Wow, that infared! So awesome to see! My nieces and nephews would love that place! And of course I would too, haha!

  5. That's so awesome!!! And seriously, I think it would be so awesome and funny to find out you were pregnant by standing in front of the infrared screen! Good thing she wasn't :) You're totally making me want to go there too!

  6. You and Cheeks are taking LA by storm this summer.
    And your photos? Amazing. Such a need keepsake. I mean... seeing M Squared like that... awesome.

  7. You guys have the neatest places! And you are such a good mama to take Marcus to so many cool places!! I just adore your adventures. I loved seeing the picture of the infrared. How cool is that?!? I wonder what that lady would have done if she was carrying a baby and didn't know it. haha.

  8. Still can't believe that infrared image! So super cool!

  9. "Do you know how awkward it was to ask a random lady to see if her uterus would light up, too? " hahahahaha, oh laughing just picturing that...excuse me can I see what your red zones are like over here? you aren't currently pregnant are you?

  10. That place looks awesome! I wish there was a place like that here.