2015 Summer Bucket List

The official start to summer kicked off two days ago and I thought it was high time I jumped on the seasonal bucket list bandwagon and create/share the 2015 Macke Summer Bucket List. 

Aside from our pretty regular beach and pool trips I knew we needed a little more to spice up our summer days. I also created this list because these are the last few months just Marcus and me, and I want to have as much fun with the little man as possible before his little sister arrives in August. 

Without further adieu, our 2015 Summer Bucket List: 
If you're in the Los Angeles area, or plan on visiting L.A., and would like more info on our bucket list items click on the links below for more details.
$1 Movies (available in most cities) // Angels Game // South Coast Botanic Garden // Cabrillo Aquarium // Discovery Cube // Griffith Park - Ferndell Nature Center // Griffith Park - Southern Railroad // Griffith Park - Travel Town // Kidspace // LA Science Center // LACMA // LA Zoo // Lomita Railroad Museum // Maritime Museum // Noah's Ark - Skirball Cultural Center // OC Fair // Point Vicente Interpretive Center - Little Fish Tails by the Sea // Pretend City // Red Trolly Rides // Seaside Lagoon // SoCal Live Steamer Museum // Zimmer Children's Museum
Because it's felt like summer for the past two months we've already managed to get a few of these checked off (I'll share more details of our completed summer bucket list items soon). Also note Ice Cream DateS. I've made that plural, for obvious reasons.

Our list may seem a bit long. Perhaps my aspirations to get all these things done this summer is a bit lofty. But, it can't hurt to try and do/see/experience something new as often as possible in the next eight weeks.

What's on your bucket list? What am I missing? What just *needs* to be added to fill our days with fun, and play, and lots of laughter?

Linking up with one of my favorite ladies, Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me, for her Mom Talk Tuesday.


  1. I love your list! It sounds like there's so many fun things for kids to do in your area.

  2. Your list is amazing!!! And we totally have a bunch of the same things on ours! I've been dying to take Mason to Pretend City for forever now too. I wish I had mornings off so we could meet since weekends are quickly filling up!

  3. You guys have so many amazing things to do with kids where you live! I'm so jealous. Which leads me to that question I ALWAYS ask you...when can we come visit?!!!

  4. Looks like a great list! Have fun checking things off!

  5. Loving this list and all that's available in your area! Also, lol, husby always makes fun of me for BEING from the land of "fruits & nuts", ha!

  6. What a wonderful list! You're going to have such a fun summer!

  7. LOVE your list. So, so many awesome activities on there. And to think I just told you to have a baby ;). You guys are going to have so much fun!

  8. I love how long it is! And I love all the train/trolley related items on it.

  9. Can't wait to follow along as y'all knock things off this list! Cheers to Summertime!!!

  10. You have a great list! I think ice cream date should always be plural. :)


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