A Pretty Cool Kidspace

It's pretty evident our quest to complete our 2015 Summer Bucket List has been going full force for some time. Each day that there is something new on our calendar to check out I can't wait to tell Marcus. We've gotten to the point where Marcus wakes in the morning and asks, "What are we going to do today, Mommy?"

Last summer we visited Kidspace Children's Museum and Marcus seemed to really enjoy it then. I had a feeling this trip would be even better than the last.

My hunch was right on.

We started outside in the Physics Forest:
  •  We played tug of war, tried to throw a magnet and get it stuck on a pole, and raced wheels. 
  • We launched water bottle rockets.
  • Hoisted ourselves up via pulleys.
  • The obsession with the air gun was real.
There were about 283 other things we got our hands on in the physics forest, and I had to pry Marcus out of the forest and show him all the cool things inside:
  • We painted on a leaf that magically had water fall to wash it off every so often, we played with beads that moved when our hands were placed under them, and we saw a bee hive at work.
  • There was a Land Cruiser that needed to be climbed in and "driven."
And there were another 729 things inside that we got to try out. 

But, alas, we headed back outside for more fun:
  • We raced on a tricycle track.
  • Climbed a stream, checked out a waterfall, and filled and emptied a bucket several hundred times.
One more trip was made inside, and it was pretty obvious that I had one little boy who was starting to tire out. We actually sat down:
  • Bugs were pieced together and puzzles were completed.
On our way out fountains were discovered and a re-surge of energy was found:
  • Back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth we went. Until we were totally soaked. 
Each of our adventures brings us something new and fun, and Kidspace gave us all of that and more. I love watching Marcus explore and learn and try new things. 

The world is so much cooler when viewed through his eyes.


  1. You guys are bashing that summer list!! I would have never gotten Mason off of that Land Cruiser!! What a fun place. Great pictures. I can’t wait to see what Travel Town Museum, LACMA, Lomita Railroad, Seaside Lagoon, Pretend City and Noah’s Ark are all about! Those places just sound neat. And of course the OC Fair. What time of year does that come to town? Can’t beat a good fair..

  2. Wow, lots to do there! So neat!

  3. How cool is this place?! Mia would be in heaven!! I've been meaning to take Mia to the Children's Museum in Phoenix and this is totally motivating me to get off my butt and take her!

  4. That place looks AMAZING! You are crushing your summer list!

  5. Shoot. Can you be my mommy too!? You are nailing this summer thing.

  6. You're making me so excited to go to the Kid's Discovery Museum near here!

  7. Marcus is having the BEST SUMMER EVER! And adding stuff to our wish list like a mad woman! It looks so empty there... did you go in the morning? I'm surprised it wasn't more crowded since it is the summer. That place seriously looks amazing! I can't wait to take Mason!

  8. Another fun place! I need to find places to take the girls. Everything is geared towards older children.

  9. I want to come live with you! Your days sound like so much fun! :)

  10. I am with Jamie ^! Oh my goodness lady this place is AWESOME!!! I absolutely love the outside twist to this place. It just looks like so much fun.