We Didn't Do Disney

I begged and pleaded to go to Disney Land this weekend. It didn't happen. In hindsight it was probably for the best. As much as I'm dying to see Marcus' face light up with joy and delight when he meets Mickey Mouse, it's really hard to justify selling a kidney to enter the amusement park. Seriously, the Happiest Place on Earth also happens to be the Most Expensive Place on Earth.

Instead of putting our organs on the Black Market to afford a little fun, we found all sorts of fun - for free.

Weekend temps reached near 80, no way we were staying inside. A hike along the cliffs and coast was a no brainer.
We lucked out with no marine layer and had the best view of Catalina Island and Trump National Golf Course. 

Though we've made this hike a hundred times the view never gets old. 
Top left: Purple Sea Urchin shell. Top middle: Trump National Golf Course. Top right: Bird of Paradise.
Please excuse the grainy-ness, we had to "selfie"-shot this one.
Once we reached the water we let Marcus loose in the tide pools.
The little man LOVED it. There were all sorts of itty bitty sea creatures that we spotted.
Thankfully we ran into someone kind enough to snap a family pic.
Sweet, salty sea kisses. Heart. Melted.
Give the kid a rock and he's happy as a clam. Let him throw that rock and you've pretty much made his day.

The fun didn't stop after our cost and cliff adventures.
Post-nap we *needed* to get out of the house.
To the Red Car we went to snag a ride.
 It never fails, the Red Car puts even the grumpiest Grumpy McGrumperson in a good mood.
My favorite picture from the weekend.
There's even MORE to our fun filled free weekend, but if I keep going this post will never end.

Cheers to the Macke Family Free 99 Weekend!


  1. Looks like so much fun and I love all of your pictures!

  2. I think he is grumpy because he is wearing a Red Sox shirt! I am so jealous of your warm temps. Looks like you guys had fun. And let's be honest, you would have probably had to kill someone if you went to Disney. I am sure it would have been super crowded..

  3. Wait until he is older to go to Disney. The older I got, the more fun I had there. I had the most fun when I went in college.

  4. I am so jealous of your weather!!!! What great pictures

  5. Beautiful pictures as always! Those views are just amazing- almost doesn't look real!

  6. Disney is expensive! That is my major gripe with them.

  7. YOU ARE WEARING SHORTS!!! ahhh i am so so jealous.
    disney. what a robbery!

  8. What is a marine layer? I've heard the term but never knew the definition. :)

  9. I love your writing and sense of humor; "Selling kidneys on the black market" - LOVE! Beautiful pictures!

  10. It makes me so mad at how crazy high the prices to get into Disney are. Walt himself said that he wanted every boy and girl to be able to go to Disney at least once in their life. Now prices are so high that most families can't afford to go. I think it's sad. I'm sure you will get Marcus there at some point though!! It looks like you guys had a great weekend though =)

  11. omg, these pictures are amazing! the views, my God! dare i say that it beats Disney!

    your family is beautiful!

  12. looks like you had an awesome weekend! what a beautiful hike. I absolutely love the picture of you and Marcus on the red car. mom/baby photos are so hard to get and that one - well - there's just something sweet about the serious looks on both your faces :) great work on a fun free weekend!

  13. I would so take the weekend you described over Disney!! It looks amazing!!