Disney Christmas and a Real Butt Burner (So Random, I Know)

It's been a stressful week, to say the least. Sending Grandma D home is never fun, talks of moving aren't easy, and dealing with a croupy (read: snotty nosed) kid is not my idea of awesome.

However, here we are - FRIDAY! #thankyoubabyjesus

Though the week was a little, um, rough, it is time to high-five and highlight the positives.

1. Scott's had some insanely early mornings this week. I think there was only one day he "slept in" until 5:00. The rest of the week he was up by 3:00, or earlier. Today was another early start, but he'll be home around lunch. Macke Family three-day weekend for the win!

2. Last night Scott and I had a nice, long discussion with my dad about our housing situation. My dad has always been one to take a bad situation and make it better. There are not enough thanks in the world to let my dad know how grateful I am that he has the ability to put my mind at ease. Dad, if you're reading this, thank you times infinity. 
3. After seeing Jamie's InstaGram pics of Disney Land (and Scott getting home early today) I'm doing everything I can to convince Scott we NEED to make a trip there this weekend (read: today). Marcus is OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse, he'd be in heaven if he met the squeaky mouse. 

4. I'm also hoping we "run into Santa" while we're out and about this weekend. Marcus has yet to meet the jolly old man, and secretly I'm hoping for a Santa Fail Photo - mom of the year, right here!
5. In the last couple weeks I've cut down my running milage a bit and kicked it up a notch in the weights department. As much as I love running it's nice to have a little change in the workout routine. Yesterday's workout took about 20 minutes, but every muscle in my body was shaking from fatigue. If you have a medicine ball, some weights, and 20 minutes give this a try.
I have to thank Scott for the last few workouts I've done. I'm always bugging him to "quick write me up something." When it comes to weight routines I'm kind of clueless. Scott is all into Crossfit, so he's always coming up with crazy workouts for me.
 It looks easy enough, but I PROMISE you will feel a burn in your butt and thighs. 

Happy Weekend!!


  1. If you can, go to Disneyland. It is precious when they see Mickey for the first time. And Disney knows how to do Christmas.

    I need to do some toning on my non-running days, but I haven't decided what to do yet.

  2. Yeah, we got a pretty epic Santa fail photo out of Mac this year. That's what I wanted (yes, I'm a bad mother), but then he looked so scared that it broke my heart a little bit. I still love it though. He was fine and smiling and waving to Santa 10 minutes later. :)

  3. crossfit is no joke!! isaiah wants to do it so badly but his schedule is insane. like scotts it sounds! getting up at 3 or 4am and leaving for work by 5am to home come around 8pm usually. yeeesh!
    i wish we could up and go to disney! what a fun treat. hope scott gives in!
    have a good weekend love!

  4. Please go to Disneyland! Please, I am begging you! I have always wanted to go to a Disney park at Christmas!!!!

  5. I hope you get to go to Disneyland. It would be so fun this time of year. Have a great weekend!

  6. I hope your dad convinced you to move to NJ. :)

  7. Looks like a good workout! I secretly love the crying Santa pics too!

  8. Um, ok, what's the deal w/ the moving comment?? :)

    You should be sharing all of Scott's workouts for you!!! Or at least email them all to me. :)

  9. Yes, on the Santa fail picture. I'm making our mom of the year awards right now!!

  10. Gotta love a father's insight :) Christmas at Disney looks amazing...and I'm crossing my fingers you get a Santa fail photo!!! Good luck!

  11. I mean, just so we're clear, 3am is the middle of the night. Hell, sometimes I'll wake up at 5 and think YES!!!! IT IS STILL THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT I CAN GO BACK TO SLEEP FOR ANOTHER HOUR AND A HALF!!!

    Poor Scott :((

    Yes to Disney, yes to Santa fail, esp now that I got a glimpse of the pic :)))

  12. How fun it would be to go to Disneyland. I hope you made it there. Olivia is also obsessed with mickey mouse. She gets so mad when there is a commercial on disney jr when it is on and yells at the TV.

  13. I've never been to Disney during the holidays and would love to go so I can only imagine Marcus going nutso there. And I like your new workout routine - I think I could totally do that - except I would need the weights and the medicine ball. Started on yoga this week - so far so good.