21 Months Old!

Dear Marcus,

Hear we are again. Another month has gone by, and another month where I'm left scratching my head wondering how the time slipped right by me (especially with all those sleepless nights you gave us).

This month has been a whirlwind. Between trying to keep up with you during the day, and trying to keep you asleep at night in your own bed, I wonder where you find all this energy?!
Unofficial Stats
Height: 35 inches (95th percentile)
Weight: 32 pounds (95th percentile)
Teeth: 17
Clothes: shirts - 2/3T, pants 2T, shoes 6/7
Diapers: size 5
On the Go
You are a bundle of non-stop motion. If it were up to you we'd be outside running laps around the town all.day.long.
Recently you've discovered how to jump, for real jump. Your little feet get about an inch off the ground and you are so proud of your new found ups. It's hilarious to watch you stop in mid-stride to show off your jumping skills.

I was truly worried you would never speak. I had enough concern to start looking in to speech therapy. However, your vocabulary is expanding by the day. You'll say a new word all day long, and then I won't hear it again for weeks. I am a little concerned you think the cat's name is "IzzyNo!" Apparently we are often scolding the cat… You love to chase the cat around shouting out her name.
Your word count is probably between 20-30 words. Some of your favorite words include: "what's that?", "oh no", "oh my", "oh man", "up", "Izzy", "button", "boom", "beep", "ding", and "no" (this one is your all time favorite I think).

If we could PLEASE get past the love for macaroni and cheese that would be great. I'm certain you would swim laps in mac and cheese if I let you. You'll occasionally try new foods, but if we were smart we would buy stock in Kraft foods. Other foods you'll eat on a constant basis: bell peppers, blueberries, Goldfish, string cheese, yogurt, yogurt balls.

Oy. Sleep. Before this month you were a pretty good sleeper. Then that all went out the window. We even had to go through another Ferber sleep training cycle. And, even that hasn't solved all of our issues. You will go to bed all on your own at night, but inevitably you will wake and want nothing more than to sleep while your dad or I rock you. Thankfully you no longer want anything to do with sleeping in our bed. However, it'd be great if we could all have an uninterrupted night of sleep.
You still take one nap a day, and it ranges anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours.

Lately you've really gotten into stacking/building, and putting like-shaped toys in their correct/assigned spaces. In typical boy fashion, you love trains and big trucks.

In the mornings you and I still snuggle up and watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while you drink your cup of milk. It's our quiet time to slowly wake up. When you are upset, hurt, or simply frustrated you find comfort being held. Your sweet little self loves to give Mommy and Daddy kisses, especially right before bed.
Little man, I'm sure I've said it a million times, but this stage - though trying and exhausting - is so much fun.

Baby boy, for this next month I only ask two things: less sleepless nights and more kisses.

I love you to the moon and back, twice.


  1. What a little man he is becoming. It seems as though maybe Marcus called Olivia about this sleep pattern because Olivia doesn't want to sleep in her room anymore.. Oh, the phases these two pull on us! Merry Christmas Eve!

  2. Adorable, sounds like he is doing just awesome! Hope the sleeping gets better for you, Merry Christmas!

  3. I'm pretty sure that the only thing I wanted for Christmas was more sleep!! Haha

  4. He is an absolute doll. Mac has terrible sleeping issues for a few weeks early this month too. Maybe just something in the air. Hope they're both sleeping soundly again soon! (for our sakes)

  5. Happy 21 months Marcus! I hope that the next update the posts says that you have given mama the much needed sleep she deserves ;)

  6. Love those bench photos! just so timeless! I think boom & beep are favorites here too :) I love that izzyno - adorable!