Holiday Lights

As mentioned in yesterday's post we opted out of Disney in lieu of more financially, *ahem* free *ahem*, responsible fun.

After a whirl wind of cliffs, beaches, and trains we decided to head to a neighborhood that is known for going ALL OUT with their Christmas lights. Candy Cane Lane, as it is affectionally referred to, has one of the largest holiday displays in the country, and it does not disappoint.
We're talking block, after block, after block of homes decked out with Christmas lights. A good six block span participates in this yearly tradition.
10,000 lights? We (read: Scott) puts up two strands and call it a day!
The electric bill is $200 MORE than usual?! That's holiday decoration dedication at its finest.
Each home has a big Chinese Elm Tree in their front yard, and each tree has multiple lights strung loosely, creating a very simple yet beautiful look. Looking down each block and seeing all the lights hanging from every tree is such a fabulous sight.
No photo can do all these lights justice.
On top of the decorated Chinese Elms some houses go all out with lawn ornaments and lawn displays.
This is just a TINY sample of all the different displays we passed.
Marcus quickly took to the candy canes that lined many of the homes sidewalks and driveways.
And I spotted a lawn ornament that quickly became my favorite.
I wish this picture did this the justice it deserves. It twinkled and sparkled and was gorgeous! 
Some neighborhood kids were selling popcorn, baked goodies, freshly made waffles, and hot chocolate. The atmosphere of it all was exactly what Christmas should feel like.
Even though we were surround by hundreds of other gawkers everyone was in such a great mood. There wasn't a single Grinch or Scrooge to be found.

And though we didn't get to meet Mickey this weekend we *did* see him!
Marcus was SO excited when he spotted Mickey. I couldn't get Marcus out of his stroller, and closer to Mickey, fast enough.
It was a little disappointing to skip over Disney Land this weekend, but after all the fun we had, and listening to Marcus continuously "ooooh" and "ahhhh" over the Christmas lights I know our little man had a pretty magical weekend.


  1. How awesome! I told my husband next year I want to go all out with lights on our house! I think he thinks i'm crazy! But I just love it =)

  2. Wow, that looks like such a fun place to visit! I love looking at Christmas lights during this time of year! :-)

  3. hahaha love the picture of Marcus pointing at Mickey. Him and Em are totally meant to be. ;)

  4. there's a street like that near here too!

  5. DAH. that is so amazing.
    i want more!

  6. I love the Christmas lights. We went around Omaha the other night but I was only impressed with one house

  7. $200??????? I don't think so, Tim. :)

  8. Just when I thought this was going to be Inflatable free.... But seriously, it kinda reminds me of Bad Santa a little. Did you ever see that movie?

  9. Those are awesome lights! I have been trying to find a neighborhood like that around here.

  10. OMG! Wow, talk about going all out! I love this. I need to find a neighborhood like that over here. Love the picture of Marcus looking at all the lights :)

  11. those lights are super impressive!! I can't wait until we go out looking at lights but I don't think well see anything that impressive! hopefully the lights will be enough to entertain a 19mo old! :)

  12. Yeah, I definitely like this weekend!! I wish there were more places like these where I live...I'm hoping to finally get down to the harbor walk and see the lights there.