RSV and the Nebulizer

Two weeks ago everyone in this house was hit with the flu. Then, to add insult to injury we discovered RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) found Marcus. It seems like we've been battling RSV for-ev-er. Each day is a little better than the last, but this monster cold is ruthless.

We've had more nasal bulb usage (also know in this house as the "snot sucker") in the last week than the entire nine and a half months Marcus has been alive. No matter how hard I try to keep up with wiping the runny nose I am no match for his nasal faucet.

To top off the sickness, we have to administer oxygen treatments via a nebulizer two to three times a day. Marcus hates the process, and I'm not the biggest fan of it either.
A medicine is administered by inhalation. We had the option to use a blow by (above photo), or a mask (bottom photo). The mask was an EPIC fail. The blow by method is a little less traumatic for everyone.
Needless to say, the blow by method isn't all roses and rainbows. 
Top photo: Yikes! Less than impressed with me.
Bottom photo: Settled down a bit, but still royally ticked at Mommy.
During the treatment, to make things easier for all of us, we place Marcus in a car seat. He's a wiggly little worm, and holding him still for a full 10 minutes while trying to hold a noisy tube blowing mist in his face is next to impossible. To keep him somewhat occupied and entertained we play a few baby videos. 
Most of the treatments are done right before nap times. After it's all said and done the monkey is usually pretty spent. As selfish as it sounds, these little post-treatment snuggle sessions are some of my favorite times of the day (snuggle time is becoming less and less these days, and that makes me so sad).
My sleepy monkey.
Here's to hoping and praying we can squash this nasty bug soon!


  1. Yuck Des! Hope he kicks this quickly. My BFF's son had RSV a couple times during his first year and I remember that device! We're currently giving Drew an inhaler with a spacer that kinda looks similar and it's a struggle to get him to keep it on for 10 breaths!

  2. OMG poor baby! So awful. Somehow Mace has remained the healthiest one in our household so far. Fingers crossed it stays that way! We have a snotsucker in our house too! This thing is so awesome/disgusting/satisfying to use....


  3. Yuck! I hope he feels better soon! This winter has just been horrible for everyone it seems as far as germs go :-(

  4. Ohhh no =( I hope he feels better soon! Poor guy!

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