Fajita-Stuffed Chicken

I've been making a conscious effort to eat a little healthier these days. Not that we don't eat well. We do. You'll always find bananas, oranges, and/or apples in our fruit bowl. We don't eat fast food or red meat. And, don't tell me Chipotle is fast food, or we won't be friends any more. On the rare occasion I'll bake goods (and post about them). But, all in all, we eat pretty well.

Buuuut, we booked a trip for this spring, and I would really like to post pictures when we return. With that said, I've been searching for recipes that are healthified.

One evening we were feeling like Mexican, per the norm. I swear, we always feel like Mexican. I didn't want to make crock pot tacos, I didn't want regular chicken tacos. I needed something different, and I needed it to be easy. 

Then I found this.

Say hello to in-your-face-fajita-awesomeness!

Fajita-Stuffed Chicken
This is a 1/2 recipe, you can easily double it.

1/2 cup sliced onion
1/2 cup sliced green and red bell peppers
2 tsp fajita seasoning mix
2 small chicken breast, pounded to 1/2-inch thickness
1/8 tsp salt
1/8 tsp black pepper
1/4 cup shredded, reduced-fat Mexican-blend cheese
1/4 cup salsa (optional)
2 Tbsp fat-free sour cream, or plain non-fat Greek yogurt (optional)

Preheat oven to 350.
Spray an 8x8 baking pan with nonstick spray.
Bring a nonstick skillet to medium-high heat. Add onions and bell peppers. Cook and stir until softened, about 6 minutes.
Transfer cooked veggies to a medium bowl. 
Sprinkle veggies with 1 tsp fajita seasoning, and stir well.
Season chicken with salt, black pepper, and remaining 1 tsp fajita seasoning. 
Evenly divide cooked veggies between the center of the chicken.
Roll up each chicken over the veggies. If need, secure with toothpicks. 
Place chicken in baking pan.
Cover pan with foil and bake for 30 minutes.
Remove foil, and sprinkle chicken with cheese. Bake until chicken is cooked through, about 15 minutes.
Serve with salsa and sour cream (optional).

All the goodness of fajitas and you skip all the calories and carbs that tortillas would have presented. 

I cut up and used the entirety of the peppers. Using the whole peppers left me with a lot that I couldn't fit in the chicken. Instead of tossing the extras I just made them a side. Yum-o!
Here's a breakdown on the nutritional content for the 1/2 recipe.
Calories: 242
Fat: 5g
Sodium: 725mg
Carbs: 10g
Fiber: 1.5g
Sugars: 4g
Protein: 38g
I don't follow Weight Watchers, but just in case you do, these arPointsPlus® value 6*


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Source: Slight adaptations from Hungry Girl.


  1. The size I would like is for my niece who is a little over 2 years old. Whatever size that would be! :)

  2. Your pictures are looking so good! This looks awesome!