After hearing about an Ice Kingdom making it's way to Long Beach I needed to see it for myself.

CHILL, at the Queen Mary sounded like something we had to check out before it packed up and left. Ice sculptures, ice skating, ice tubing, ice everything! 

We snagged a baby-sitter, rounded up a group of friends and headed to the Ice Kingdom.

*The photos were taken with my old camera, so the photo quality isn't the greatest.
The entrance to the Ice Kingdom at CHILL.
Before entering into the Ice Kingdom we were suited up with calf-length parkas to keep us warm. The dome which housed the event was kept at a frigged 9 degrees. Believe me, the irony of PAYING to go to cold weather was not beside me. 
Upper left: An ice castle; Upper right: a horse drawing a sleigh
Lower left: The sleigh (see above horse); Lower right: An arch leading into the main area
Once inside we were all immediately awestruck. Between the cold and beauty of it all I think we were all in amazement.
The whole group in front of the ice castle.
Photo op in front of the Ice Queen.
The main gallery was mind blowing.
Upper left: A replica of the Queen Mary. That thing was massive, and entirely made of ice.
Upper right: Replica of the lighthouse in Long Beach.
There was a whale that was a slide for kids. We weren't allowed to go down, it was for those 6 years and younger... We asked, twice. :) 
After we made our way up and onto the ice version of Queen Mary we enjoyed a trip down an ice slide. 
If the line wouldn't have been so long I would have gone down again, and again, and again.
I probably should have given the camera to someone else. BAHA - thanks Dave!

After leaving the main gallery we entered Santa's Toyland.
We then headed to the Arctic.
The ice was crystal clear.
All of the ice sculptures were fabulous, but the manger scene was the most moving, and by far my favorite.
The camera did not capture all the beautiful, intricate details.
We were supposed to hit up the ice skating area, but we were a wee bit late to the party and it was closed by the time we were ready to lace up. Guess there's always next year.


  1. This place looks AMAZING! And Fun!!! =)
    Ohh...And I made the parmasen chicken, and oh. my. word. It was great!!! =)