31 Party Reminder

I keep going through the 31 catalog, looking at all the great new bags and totes from the Spring line.
My party is still going strong. It's open until January 26. Click >>HERE<< for the direct link to order your goodies!

I have this organizing tote in black and white polka dots. But, I think I need another one, with a bright fresh look. This tote is my staple when traveling. All.the.pockets. I know where everything is, and I don't have to dig to the bottom of the bag trying to find my chapstick, or phone, or pack of gum.
The color choices are all amazing. So hard to choose which I like best...
That multi-color chevron is beckoning me.
Then there's this Retro Metro bag that I'm officially in love with. I could slip a bottle in the pockets, a diaper in the center, and still look cute while running my errands.
I did mention you can customize your product, right???
Those polka dots are fun!
Reversable?! Two for the price of one? Yes, please!!
Yes, this chevron is a must.
I need this in my life. Seriously. 
An adorable thermal tote to keep things cool or warm. Perfect for road trips with the little man in tow!
That nude color zebra stipe is fun!
Let's not forget the accessories!
1. Flat iron case - perfect for traveling when you need to throw in your curling iron and go!
2. That scarf! Totally adorable, right?!
3. Rosette clip - add to your purse, your coat, your sweater, your hair. Love it.
4. A coupon organizer. I NEED THIS!
Keep yourself organized at home, too (and look cute while doing it)!
1.  About Town Blanket - it folds up so it doesn't take a lot of space. I keep one of these in may car. Great to take to the park, or in case the car stalls and a blanket is needed.
2. Hangup Room Organizer - A great way to store so much, and it comes with a dry erase board.
3. Hangup Family Organizer - Magazines, bill, and other documents just found a new home.
4. Small Magazine Basket - This could store so much: kitchen utensils, recipes, make-up. And, the handle can be personalized with laser etching! 
Ok, ok. I'll stop obsessing. There are SO many great products offered by 31, I could go on and on. But, I won't. I'll let you do a little shopping and discovering for yourself. 

If you see something you like love be sure to check out the catalog! Click >>HERE<< for the full catalog. When you find that one (or two, or three, or 8) item(s) that you just can't live without be sure to head to my party, linked >>HERE<<, and order away!

Remember, you have until January 26 to view the catalog and order. Happy Retail Therapy!! 

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  1. I'm also having a Thirty One catalog party right now! If I wasn't, I would totally order something from you! I love my organzing utility bag...and I think I need a new one for spring. Something bright and fun. And the reversable bag...YES PLEASE! In the chevron print of course! =) Good luck with your party!!! =)