Happy Marcus Monday AND a *Giveaway*!!

It's Monday! I don't think I've ever been so excited for a Monday to roll around. There are a few reasons behind my madness:
1) Marcus' 1st Birthday Party planning is coming along just splendidly. Scott asked me not to go crazy with this. I said I wouldn't. I might have fibbed a teeny, tiny, eency, weency bit... I know, I know. I swore I wouldn't be one of those moms who goes off the deep end planning a 1st birthday party. Then I had a kid. Hey, he'll look back at the pictures and smile. Right?

2) My mother-in-law knitted Marcus the most.adorable.hat.EVER. See photos for confirmation. The hat totally plays into Marcus' party theme. A sock monkey party for my little monkey. So fitting.

3) Thanks to my mother-in-law and her amazing skills, I'm hosting my first ever blog giveaway. I've been ITCHING for Monday to get here so I could get this baby started.

We won't be celebrating the Big Day for another couple of months, but I want the winner to enjoy this adorable hat while it is still chilly out.

Let's take one more look at my monkey before we get to the giveaway:
Cutest monkey I know.
So, here are the deets for the giveaway:
1) Use the Rafflecopter below to enter. You have the possibility of entering up to 15 times a day!

2) The raffle ends next Monday (February 4). Come back to this post each day for additional entries!

3) The hat can be made for all sizes of noggins. No kiddos to call your own? This would make a fab gift for a niece, nephew, Godchild, etc. Don't know any munchkins but kind of want the hat for yourself as an awesome gift to some sock monkey fan? No worries! This hat can be made to fit any dome.

4) The winner will be drawn at random via Rafflecopter. Once a winner has been selected I'll announce it on the Monologues.

5) I will be in contact with the winner to confirm hat sizing, mailing address, and other pertinent information regarding the giveaway.

6) The giveaway is open to US residence.

7) Now, get to entering!! 


  1. So cute, Desiree! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the big party!

  2. Adorbs! Drew would LOVE this and how nice of your momma!

  3. LOVE THIS!! I want Mace and Marcus to match!! :))

  4. Fun giveaway! Brielle totally needs a sock monkey hat since she had the same 1st birthday theme :-) Unfortunately I don't have twitter or instagram haha...but maybe this little old comment will win it for me :-P

  5. What a cute idea! Love reading your blog posts.

  6. I have a 2yo nephew who would love a monkey hat! Not sure how sizing works, but 3t would probably work for him :)

  7. These photos are absolutely adorable! I love that monkey hat. Its so cute!

  8. This is just tooo darned cute! 1 year old size, whatever that is, would be great!
    Love it!