10 Months Old!

Little man, how are we thisclose to your first birthday? No other time in my life has 10 months ever flown by so quickly.
Official Stats
Height: 30 1/2 inches
Weight: 25 pounds
Teeth: 8
Top left: Contemplating life's great mysteries.
Top right: Not impressed with yet another photoshoot.
Middle left: "What kind of trouble can I get into with mom so close?"
Middle right: "What's down there??"
Bottom left: A half smile.
Bottom right: A real, sweet smile!
What I've learned in the past month:
  • Waving "hi" and "bye" might be more entertaining for Mom and Dad than for Marcus.
  • It looks like standing unassisted will happen soon. There have been a few occasions where the little man will use a table, couch, whatever, to stand up, and then he'll let go for a second or two and stand alone.
  • Apparently it's easier to stand in a bath tub full of water. That happens all the time. 
  • Marcus is not a fan of crawling in shorts on the grass. He will walk on hands and toes rather than hands and knees... Very similar to a monkey. HA!
  • Favorite foods include hot dogs, cheesy pasta, bananas, yogurt, and pasta wheels with marinara sauce. 
  • Marcus is quite the independent little dude. He refuses to have help eating unless he's eating yogurt. He's 10 months going on 10 years.
  • A game of chase is a sure way to get a giggle or two from my little man.
  • Apparently tossing every toy behind Marcus is a fun game. I don't understand the theory behind this, but it is hilarious to watch him methodically toss every.single.toy behind him. Once all the toys are behind him Marcus turns around to the pile of toys and proceeds to toss them again, behind him.
  • We've gotten so used to sleeping through the night, uninterrupted, that those few nights that were difficult due to teeth made the following day(s) brutal. How did we make it through the first four months on such little sleep?!
  • It's always nice to have a date night, but nothing excites me more than getting back home to see my big guy.
  • Though we still have two full months before celebrate turning 1, I might have most of the birthday party ideas and items all ready to go. 
  • My mind is continually blown by how resilient kids are. From all the stumbles, tumbles, and falls, to an outpatient surgery, the little guy always bounces right back up. 
As usual, Drake got in on the photos.
Top photo: "Drake, please!"
Bottom left: "Really, we have to do this?" *hangs head*
Bottom right: "Aw Drake."
These photos were taken yesterday, shortly after Marcus' surgical procedure. Just proving how quickly little one's can and will bounce back after being down for the count. 
Not even four hours post surgical procedure my happy little monkey was right back to his old tricks.
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  1. Awww, happy 10 months Marcus! Love the ones the dog snuck into ;-) Can't wait to see and hear more about this birthday party!

  2. Ohhh these pics are SO good!! So fun to see what Marcus is up to so I can see what lies ahead for Mace in a few months!!

    Love baby & pup pics too :))