Space Shuttle Endeavour

Last week, the Space Shuttle Endeavor making its permanent home in California was a huge deal with media. In the few days leading up to the arrival of the shuttle all we heard on the news was Endeavour's trip, and route around the city and state. 
Long Beach, Rainbow Harbor
The Endeavour was supposed to fly over our location (Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach) around 11:30. It didn't appear until closer to 12:45. Lucky for us (and everyone around us) the little man was in good spirits. 
Thank goodness for toes. Those little tootsies kept Marcus happy for most of our wait.
He didn't seem to mind me making funny faces and snapping away with the camera.
After waiting so patiently we heard a steady rumbling in the sky...
Can you see it in the sky, just above the sail boat mast?

It still blows my mind that the shuttle, weighing 172,000 pounds,  was piggy backing on a modified 747!
The pictures don't really do the air crafts, and their enormous size, justice. As the shuttle and plane flew by goosebumps crept up my arms. 
It truly was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime sight.
Endeavour's final flight log:
25 flights, 299 days in space, 4,671 orbits, 122.833 million miles.

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  1. That's actually REALLY cool that you got to see such a sight!