First Foods: Potatoes

Last weekend marked our journey into the world of pureed foods. In the baby food books I've read each suggested starting with bland veggies. We went as bland as veggies come...
Pureed potatoes.
Looks kind of like mashed potatoes, right? I had a little sample. Perhaps a little salt and pepper would have given the potatoes the taste I'm accustomed, but I didn't think they were too bad.

Marcus, not so much...
Apparently the little guy doesn't hold his mother's love for the spud.
Often, he literally gags as he tries to swallow. Is it bad I chuckle each time? :)
Nope. Potatoes were not a hit. 
We are still attempting the potatoes at each meal, but it's hit and miss. More hit than miss. And, Marcus generally ends up wearing more potatoes than what he consumes... Sweet potatoes are next on the menu, perhaps the little man will enjoy those a bit more.

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