Natural History Museum

Last Saturday was hot. I'm talking a million degrees. Ok, maybe not a million, but seriously, 104. Ridiculous. Isn't this the time of year things start to look and feel like fall? Apparently, not around these parts.

I didn't want to be stuck in the house all day, but I didn't want to expose the little monkey to the scorching heat. What to do... What to do...

Off to the Natural History Museum we went.
It was the perfect spot to keep cool (I'm pretty sure it wasn't any warmer than 68 degrees in that place, I almost wished I had a sweatshirt).
Immediately upon entering the museum T-Rex and Triceratops greeted us.
We quickly browsed the North American and African Animals exhibits before we headed to the exhibit I was positively giddy about...
The dinosaurs! I'm kind of obsessed with the ginormous, extinct creatures. I could have spent all day in that exhibit.
How cool was it that there was a Kansas shout out in the middle of the museum? Those creatures were found in Kansas... What the what?!
This T-Rex fossil toe bone was legit. We were able to touch the thing. Whoop whoop!
 The little guy was AWESOME on our adventure. There were a few times he didn't seem too interested (apparently the polar bear didn't quite do it for the big guy), but other times he seemed totally engrossed.

I don't want my little man to grow up too fast... But, I can't WAIT to bring him back when he's a little older - there were some hands-on exhibits that I can't wait for the monkey to experience! And, if we're being honest, I kinda can't wait to get to the hands-on exhibits myself. :)
The little man seemed pretty pleased with his first museum outing. We can't wait to go back and do it again.

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